Rhys Futures

Anyone buying? I’m in for a couple mags of Bearwallow Chard.

Finally taking an objective look at my cellar and taking a pass on this offer.

Definitely in for some mags. Birth year for daughter and, from what I’ve been told by Rhys, 2015 yield is way down in SCM.

I’ll probably due a Chardonnay sampler in the 375s, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I looked in CT and my cellar has become seriously unbalanced with the number of Rhys wines I own (including Alesia). Just a chard sampler pack for me because I love the chards and the 375 ml format.

same issue here–been buying from kh since the beginning, mostly the awesome Chards. Buying more than I drink.

Yes, the hard part is looking at the cellar rather than the wines on offer.

I was planning on the 500ml chard sampler (had two in the allocation), but it was sold out. That was weird.
Then, I did what I should have done before- look at the CT account, realize that I do have enough wine for now. [smileyvault-ban.gif]

I will try it some other time.

I did an analysis late last year of what I actually drink, and the only true mailing lists that make sense for me are D&R, Enfield and Idlewild. I drink those wines almost as quickly as I buy them. Same for ESJ, but that’s not really a mailing list.

It’s odd how these things happen. We’re seeing a lot of demand for futures and especially for 500mL bottles. In addition, we are in a tough situation of having very little 500mL glass available to us for bottling this spring, so we needed to limit the amount we were able to offer. Unfortunately the 500mL are now sold out for the Bearwallow Pinot and the Chardonnay sampler packs, but still available in the 375mL format. If anyone has any questions or issues, feel free to call or email us at the winery.

We apologize for the 500ml glass shortage. Going forward we are hoping to be able to warehouse enough of the glass so this won’t happen again.
Also, it looks like we will sell out of the Syrah available for Futures (we make sure to keep enough for the regular release) so I encourage customers interested in that wine to order soon.

It happens- I have a preference for 500ml, as it is the perfect size for a quiet meal of 2-3 people at home, picnic, etc. Thanks for the input behind the scene. Next time. [cheers.gif]

May I ask a beginner’s question here (I’m relatively recently on the Rhys list): are the futures offers here priced advantageously, or is it simply the smaller bottles that are unique to this offering as opposed to the regular one?

The wines sold as Futures are priced about the same as at release. This offering is really about non-750 bottle sizes and case quantities. The regular release will offer customers 2 to 6 750ml bottles of these wines. If that is what you are looking for there is no need to order Futures.

I went in for 5 assorted 6-packs 375ml bottles (Pinot x2, Syrah x1, Chard x2). These are the perfect size for a daily weekday dinner for SH and I. I’ll try to pick up a few 750ml bottles in the next releases.

Thank you Kevin. That’s exceptional service and a testament to both Rhys and also the amazing access possible here on WB. I asked a question and the winery answered it within seven minutes. Grateful!

Tried for 500ml Horseshoe syrah, it must have sold out in an hour

Hey George, you should try again, it may have been buggy. There are a few 6 packs left.

I tried again just now, two sixpacks, went through, I’m very happy, glad I whined, glad you responded. I had received a quite clear “sold out” msg on my first attempt. A 500 ml of Horseshoe syrah is appropriate to bring to, like, any event or gathering I’ve ever attended.

See you in court!