Rhys allocation-what should I select?

I finally made the Rhys mailing list and can order 2011s on February 4th. I bought a ton of wine in the last few weeks so my funds are limited. Which of their wines should I not miss?

you’ll probably get allocated Family Farm, Bearwallow, and maybe Horseshoe and Alpine. also you’ll probably get the syrah.
I doubt you’ll get skyline/home.

With that, if you have the budget, buy it all. if not, i’d get Alpine, Horseshoe, FF, Bearwallow in that order… and the syrah is great… better at the 49/59 price points… now it’s 69 it’s hurting me a bit…

edit: the chards are great too… but again at 69/btl it’s hurting me a bit… I think consensus with the chard is alpine > horseshoe, but i’m sure dissenting opinions abound.

How should we think about this vintage vs 2010 and 2012?

Yes i’d dissent on both chardonnay and pinot in that i have preferred the Horseshoe over the Alpine for both (although Swan Terrace is possibly my favorite of the Pinots). That said, we haven’t seen how they age yet.

I don’t know what you are being offered, but the Horseshoe Vineyard, Syrah, is perhaps the most expressive domestic Syrah I have tasted. Reminded me of Jamet.
And of course, if you can get anything from the Skyline Vineyard, you should.
Best, Jim

There have been a couple of threads on this but since you asked specifically, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about which to choose. 11’ was a short crop and I believe Kevin said he would be adding no one, since you got added clearly I’m wrong but you probably won’t be getting large allocations.
I’ve been on the list for 3-4 vintages and I don’t expect to get allocated more than 3 bottles of each which will make my decision pretty easy. I assume you being a first timer in a short season will be allocated a total of a 6 pack (just an assumption) so your decision should pretty much be made up for you.

I love their 2011s, very pretty wines. They’re also stylistically a bit different since there was very little stem inclusion in 2011.


Home had 90%+ whole cluster but it hides it pretty well.

I don’t believe there is a Swan Terrance Clayton, I believe it’s blended into the Alpine for 2011 (which is why i put Alpine over Horseshoe for this vintage… normally i’d say they’re a tie for the top 2 widely available ones).

Skyline - of course… but it’s his first year, it’s 2011 with tiny crop… it’ll be pretty cool if th eOP got allocated one but that’s not likely (same with the Home pinot).

Agree with Jason, OP will probably get a 6-8 btl allocation so decision is pretty easy…

There’s actually more of a chance that home gets allocated for newer members because the newer vines are now in production.

Given the extremely low quantities, new customers will only be allocated the '11 Bearwallow but can wishlist others. Only Bearwallow and Home Vyd had a normal level of production in 2011.

Customers purchasing from this offer will join our mailing list and be offered many of our '12s as they are released over the next year.

I have been buying for a few years not and not opened any of it. I think its time to try something before the offer comes in.

Question is what to open. I would love some feedback in terms of what is drinking best at the moment, understanding that probably none of it can be described as ready.

I have Alpine going back to 07, Horseshoe back to 08 and most of the others back to 09. Feedback appreciated along with treatment prior to drinking.

there is a Drinking window guide on the Rhys Website.

2011 is completely unique. It was the coolest (and most difficult) vintage we have seen. 2011s are more elegant and precise than either 2010 or 2012. The wines have terrific red fruited vibrancy and freshness. I think it will be a favorite for our Burg loving crowd.

If you have the 08 Alpine Chard, try that. The one I had was great.

Kevin has suggested drinking the past 4 vintages in the following order:

'09, '10, '08, '07

Thus, decant an '09 for an hour or two and have at it.

Is there a bottle minimum?

Usually it’s a four bottle minimum.


Excellent Kevin. Thanks for the heads up. Makes things much simpler on my end. As my allocation grows I look forward to enjoying many, many of your wines. Can’t wait!

We have a 4 bottle minimum and free shipping.