Reverse sear cooking method

I really like this for primordial strip, tbone, file and ribeye. Does it work well for any other cut of meat?

Did it with tri-tip this past weekend. Awesome!!

It’s fantastic for rack of lamb, leg of lamb, and pork loin roasts as well.

I can understand the advantage when cooking a large number of steaks for a function or whatever, They can be held after the first cook and seared when needed.
But in a domestic setting, what’s really going on? Is it the actual order of cooking that’s the key here, or is it cooking at 230 deg or whatever for 45 minutes vs 450 for 6 or 7 minutes? What if you sear then do a slow cook? One thing I also wonder about is pan juices, are they formed differently?

double-cut pork chops


Grabbed some double lambsicles last week, pre-salt for 60, tossed in the oven set to 225 for about 10 and finished in the cast iron, 2-3 minutes per side…awesome sear, perfect medium-rare, sooo redonk delish.

this should answer your questions, mostly

Many thanks and yes it does.

Round Roast of Beef. Season a couple of hours before. Set oven to 275, put roast in lidless Dutch Oven. Roast until it reaches internal temperature of 120. Remove from oven. Crank oven up to 500. Put roast on tray of roasting sheet. Make sauce in Dutch Oven with drippings. Brown roast in oven. Let rest for a short time, slice thin.

It is surprising how tender a cheap cut can be.

Just did my first ever Reverse Sear with 3-inch rib eye and followed the instructions in the link. As much as I can in the future, I will always do my steaks this way!

I am a convert as well. Definitely takes longer, but the results are well worth the time and patience.

Reverse searing tri tip as I type…250 for about an hour for 3+ lbs then straight to grill at what I’m hoping will be 750.

thermoworks dot imo is a must-have for all reverse sear preps. it’s tiny, works perfectly, and does what you need:

I have been doing these as my go to cooking process for primordials since the OP (and a number of helpful PMs with Bill Tex). Bought a 12 pound strip steak primordial at Costco last week at $6.79 a pound. I usually but the Prime but the prices spiked and the delta for the non-prime made me want to give it a shot without any wet or dry aging. Bottom line, the process makes a big difference. These 6.79 pounders tasted better than any premium steakhouse steak I’ve had in the last two years. I am not including Flannery and high end butcher cuts in this comparison so don’t take this to an extreme … but give it a try and let me know if you agree.

^^ Yep.