Revana New Winemaker

I haven’t seen this here yet or missed it. Revana tweeted that their new winemaker is TRB .

Almost. Tom Garrett was and still is the winemaker. Thomas is consulting, replacing Heidi.

Wonder if this was an amicable separation? Doesn’t Heidi make all of her own wine at Revana? Wonder if she is moving production.

I didn’t make it up. Tell Revana he is their consultant, they’re the ones who said it

I didn’t make it up either. :slight_smile:

Carrie wins this one:!/RevanaWine/status/61123958170333184

omg. who is wrong and who is right.

Sorry Rick, I work for Thomas.

DAMMIT! :slight_smile:

Does this mean that not everything on Twitter is true?!?!?

roberto just cried a sudden tear and doesn’t know why yet.