Retailer recommendation for shipping to Germany?

I’m looking to send a bottle to a friend in Germany.

I’m in the US, so figured it would be simpler to order from a German (or elsewhere in the EU?) retailer.

Can anyone recommend a reputable retailer?

Thanks so much!

I don’t know your budget but I sell to a company who do online sales in Germany.

Pinard de Picard in Saarwellingen in the Saar Valley.

Ari. What exactly do you want to send?

If you don’t know, Pinard de Picard is a good recommendation. Also recommendable and with a large choice:

I have received gift shipments here in Germany ordered from US friends from

one of the best stores in the country

another vote for

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I’m still deciding what to send, so the recommendations with wide variety are particularly helpful.