Retailer Kudos:

One more bit of praise to share. Maison du Prix and its proprietor, Danielle Price, are fantastic. I ordered a few bottles of Quintarelli in a single order nearly a year ago. They arrived pristine, individually bagged, and with a personalized note from Danielle. That was my only order from this store. Many months later I inquired about purchasing some supplies they use that I wished to incorporate into in my own collection. Danielle guided me through sourcing the materials (supplier, sizes, product codes, etc.). The supplier could only sell in far larger quantities than I needed (1,000+ per item). I was about to place the order anyway, only to discover that Danielle had voluntarily shipped me a complimentary set of her own materials, saving me nearly $100. Simply a class act. Please consider these folks for your upcoming orders:

I’ve only had one transaction with Danielle, but she was very pleasant and easy to deal with. The wine arrived as you described - pristine and individually bagged. I’ll certainly buy from her again.

I have never ordered or heard of them and yet I get spam emails from Danielle Price.
Was she from a different retailer in the past?

I don’t know the history there.

Looked at the link - seems she worked for the Wynn group, managing wine program.
She must have acquired my email from a list somewhere.

I had a much less favorable experience with this retailer. Caveat emptor.