Retailer check: VinPorter

They seem to be mainly an on-line retailer out of Napa California that’s been around for a while. There were a few decent reviews from berserkers about three and a half years ago, but nothing recent. Their website includes some lesser known Burgundies and some more plebeian stuff.

Any recent experiences?

Sorry for the shameless bump, thought I would run it by one more time.

(Not saying the Burgundies aren’t worthy, just not your regular berserker trophy labels).

I did one transaction with them in 2022, so a little more recent than what you’ve found. They delivered what I ordered in a timely manner - no issues.

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Thanks Joe! That’s a start, (if not conclusive.)

No issues with 2 orders in the last year.

Thanks for your comment….I’m still considering whether I want to add this as a possible source.

Looks like they’re closing down. Just got an email stating “Farewell” and the website now indicates that “VinPorter will be closing its virtual doors for the present time.”

No sign of a clearance sale or anything else.

Sorry they’re gone. They introduced me to the whack-a-doodle Blanchots Dessus/Dessous vineyards, both of them great values.