Retailer Check: The Bottle List

Did a search here on The Bottle List, but too many common words to get any good results.
Anyone have experience with this retailer in Napa? They have a few things of interest to me.


5 stars.

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Cool. Thanks, Glen!

I’ve had several outstanding transactions with them, and even think I had asked about this here a while back and got excellent feedback.

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My limited experience has been very good. So good in fact that I may move a bit more of my buying their way.

Thanks, all. Some attractive pricing on interesting stuff I’ve been looking to purchase. Reasonable shipping, too. [cheers.gif]

A+ - Cameron and Danbridge run a tight ship

Another very happy customer. Very competitive pricing, great selection, fast shipping. No issues in 3-4 orders so far.

Buy with confidence, great folks


I’ve had many good transactions with The Bottle List. I jumped on one of their champagne offers this week. They are also careful about shipping.

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Can’t speak about transactions with them but met Cameron at a wine dinner when he was in Singapore for a quick stopover last year, seems like a top bloke and has his own winery as well I believe. Brought a Hubert Lamy St Aubin HD which remains one of the best white Burgundy I’ve tried.

love the bottle list. great pricing and great people

If anyone has a referral/sign-up code they want to PM me, please do so. Getting ready to put in an order and wouldn’t mind the $5 credit. Better than nothing!