Retailer Check: Sage Socity in LA

Found just a few comments in Sage Socity when I use the search. Couple negatives, one positive.
Anyone do recent business with Sage Society? They have a couple of bottles of interest to me.

Negative experience here. Bought wine online then was called by owner and told wine was not in inventory only to have it re listed the next day at a much higher price.


I’ve had a different experience than Will. I bought some Krug that wasn’t available elsewhere, and the transaction went perfectly. Their prices are sometimes on the high end, but their selection is really good with some deals here and there. They also arranged a small online tasting with Olivier Krug which I attended and really enjoyed. I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences with Sage Society.

I won’t tell you what I was told via PM, but safe to say, I won’t be ordering. Thanks, all.

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Time for Wine-Searcher to take out the trash here.

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I’ve had good experience with them.

Bought some 2002 Krug at a great price and went to some wine tasting they organized.

Overall very satisfied.


I recently bought some wine from them going to Hawaii on short notice. I placed the order, paid online and the wine showed up promptly and quickly. Zero interaction. Can’t complain about that in this scenario.

As far as I’m concerned these days, if I don’t get a call saying “Oops, we actually don’t have what we sold you” that’s a good retail experience. Or even worse, I have to call days later because they don’t even bother reaching out.