Retailer Check: New York Wine Warehouse ?

Anyone do business with NYWW? Bare bones web presence.
Impossible to search with such common words.
Considering a purchase.

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Geoffrey Troy was one of the leaders in the wine fraud thing taking down Rudy. His knowledge of Burgundy is vast. Their ‘store’ which is literally a warehouse, is in a brick building that was built at the turn of the century and once was a foundry. It’s naturally cool in there year round though he does also have AC for the summer months. I love going in there to poke around, you can find all kinds of random back vintage bottles not listed on their site. He never raises prices so you can find stuff at original retail and he usually gives me some kind of trade discount. They also do wine storage and deal with big clients.

Highly recommended!


[cheers.gif] Thanks for the detailed response!

I had an oddball experience with them but not enough to exclude them from future purchases. Very long story short: their inventory system is problematic, like Soviet-era grain surplus accounting problematic, so the inventory number you get as reference has nothing to do with the number they use. Chasing down bottles that are on their website is hit-and-miss. They shipped me three clearly heat-damaged Dujac MSDs with old wine dripping down the side, but very happily took them back for full store credit. Fulfilling that credit turned out to be difficult because of that inventory system I mentioned. But my experience seems to be in the minority and many folks have ordered without issue. And the other bottles that did get here have been great.

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I store there, and have had no problems. Service is friendly; pricing is balanced.

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First rate operation worthy of your complete trust for wines young and old. Have a little patience with emails- they, like many, are slammed with business right now.

Geoffrey Troy is the real deal. No service problems here. They can be a little slow getting back due to the small front end of the operation. Geoffrey is major connected in France.


I’ve generally had great experiences with them but they won’t ship here.

Do you have to call them before going to the offsite store or free to just swing by during business hours?

Thanks, all, for the feedback.

i give them a heads up if im stopping by to pick up bottles but ive bought from them maybe 5x over the last few years. very competent and excellent provenance and storage facilities.


I’ve stored wine there for 28 years. Geoff is a very good, honest guy.

The place is somewhat chaotic – boxes stacked up here and there. But it’s always air conditioned because they operate a large wine storage business.

It’s not a normal store. There are no shelves to browse, so there’s really nothing to check out. Because they mainly deal remotely with retail and storage customers, they sometimes leave a bit early and they’re not open on Saturdays in the summer. So it would always be wise to call.

Much of their stuff is direct imports, but they do get some from distributors.


All my transactions have gone smoothly.

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So many of the good comments here reflect my experience as well. Old-fashioned in a nice way. On more than one occasion I would ask them to add a couple of bottles or some olive oil to an order, and it would just show up without payment requested…had to call afterwards to pay. And you have to nostalgically love the mid-1990s website.


yep. +1

Just circling back to say I had an A+ experience with NYWW. Easy consolidating some orders over the past month and getting a quick response to shipping.
All good.