Retailer Check: Goldpath Wine & Spirits (Monsey NY)

I wanted to see if any of you have experience(s) with Goldpath Wine & Spirits:" onclick=";return false;

I was planning to place an order but had never heard of this merchant before…

Thank you in advance for your input.

No experience whatsoever with this retailer.

To give readers a frame of reference, Monsey NY is in Rockland County about 45min NW of NYC and has some areas that are densely populated with Hasidic Jews.

Vhats not ta like?

looks like every wine is Kosher.

Fixed? [scratch.gif]

The place is in Monsey, so it’s not surprising.

Monsey is just over the NY State line from some super ritzy NJ towns like Saddle River, so unless the economic conditions change radically in 1/4 mile, I would suspect the store caters to wealthy people for the most part.

I had an Israeli wine last year, a white blend, that was excellent but I cannot remember the producer.

When I was in retail, we sold a ton of Kosher wine but the sales were nor for religious reasons, but to a clientele niche that loves sweet wine. Mani, Mogen D., etc.

It may be only 5 miles, but it’s also about 200 years. [wink.gif]


Monsey has a Wikipedia entry - quite interesting. They have some Lenape Indian sites there but I could not spot them using Goggle Maps or Google Earth as Google uses summer photography in which the greenery hides anything of interest. Dopes. dc.