Restaurants open for Sunday lunch in Reims?

Hi all,

I’ve been browsing this and other forums to see if anything other than L’Assiette Champenoise, Racines, and Les Crayeres is/are open for lunch on Sunday afternoons in Reims. So far, it seems non.

I should be more specific: we’re looking for something more casual than the above (doing plenty of tasting menus and fine dining along the way) that is worth a visit from both a food and wine perspective. From my research, it seems anything worth its salt is NOT open on Sunday afternoons and I’d rather not waste a meal somewhere completely mediocre if I can help it.

We’re limited to Reims and the surrounding environs because we arrive around noon via TGV from Paris and have a 3 PM appointment at Taittinger.

Any recommendations are very much appreciated.

Don’t know if they are open for Sunday lunch but Il Gusto (Italian) was very good and is close to Tattinger.

The brasserie Le Jardin at Les Crayeres would be my choice for a casual lunch and it is open on Sundays. And, if the weather is good, lovely to sit outside.

I appreciate this - I looked at the menu initially and was unsure if it scratched the casual itch but I’m glad you feel it does. I appreciated a few menus and it seems we can order a la carte; its unquestionably a gorgeous space as well.

However, Il Gusto, as suggested above, is closed Sundays.


Wonderful! We have a reservation at Le Jardin a week from Sunday. Very much looking forward to it, and I appreciate the suggestions.

Have a great time and let us know how it goes! I suppose I don’t need to tell you this, but the Parc wine list is absolutely EPIC and I suspect it is available in Le Jardin as well.

They also sell some wine from their cellar at decent prices. They had a nice list at the front desk when we stayed there and it made for a great rainy Saturday afternoon.

Caves du Forum is a must-visit if they are open on Sunday

Neal, sadly I’m just seeing these now! We didn’t make it to the Forum but I’ve heard its an exceptional visit. I actually dropped the guys there a note to hear THEIR opinion(s) of what would be open for lunch on a Sunday, and they offered up Jardin as well.

We enjoyed our lunch - it was incredibly busy, as you’d imagine, but we had lovely service and shared a quarter magnum of Pol Roger with lunch before tastings. The wine list is thoughtful and well curated but we were tasting in the afternoon and had dinner ahead at Les Avises so we took it easy. The food was seasonal and beautiful and honestly, couldn’t have asked for a nicer destination.

Only downside was the cool and rainy weather prohibited sitting outside which was a pity because the grounds were stunning. Thanks for the recommendations.

Quarter magnum, you mean a half bottle?

Might be literally 1/4 of a magnum, or the more jocular term we sometimes use for a half bottle

I’m totally using this. “And I’d like to buy 12 quarter jeroboams. Also, do you have any half magnums?”

What’s the title?

Miles Raymond:
The Day After Yesterday.

Oh… You mean today?

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Au bon manger epicerie. Casual, small, good food, amazing wines.