Restaurants in Los Cabos or San Jose

Looking for any recent experiences


I think that would be east. The only thing to the south besides Los Arcos is ocean. Next stop Isla Socorro in the Revillagigedos.

There’s a Costco (!) in Cabo now? OMG.

I’m trying to remember the name of the restaurant in San Jose del Cabo that used to be (and still is, apparently) pretty good. Someone help me? And, as The Robster kind of hints at (though ceviche is a rustic dish that ought to be good anywhere the seafood is fresh) the food at the Palmilla ought to be pretty good considering what they charge for a room. I last stayed there when you could still afford the place. Even then, Cabo was a tourist trap (think birdbath Margaritas and HD televisions) and San Jose was more of a nice little Mexican town.

That said, it’s Mexico. Let me repeat. It’s Mexico. Eat tacos, drink beer and tequila and save the fine dining and fine wine for someplace like NYC.

It’s just like going to New Orleans, where you’d swear you were facing west when looking at the river because it flows from left to right, but you’re really looking east because of the bend in the river.

That’s okay, I meant “right to left” above. rolleyes

A good friend of mine, who used to be a restaurant critic for a newspaper wrote me the following when I asked him that question 2 months ago:

When in Cabo San Lucas we generally will eat at La Fonda, which has the best range of Mexican dishes and the best service we’ve had in that town. It isn’t in the tourist area, but it isn’t far out. A lot of people like Mi Casa, which is colorful and lively, but I haven’t been impressed with the food.

If they have a car, or don’t mind riding the bus from Cabo to San Jose, that’s where I’d suggest they head. San Jose has many more high-quality, family-owned restaurants. At the top of our list is Restaurante H, along Alvaro Obregon in the art district. Exquisite all the way around, and even the wine list is fairly good; the cooking is modern Mexican, but not too experimental. Though I generally avoid restaurants in hotels, Mi Cocina in the posh hotel Casa Natalia right on the plaza opposite the mission is first rate. Others on or about the plaza and art district that we frequent include the steakhouse El Vaquero and the surprisingly good Italian trattoria La Dolce. To the south from the plaza is Dirty Sanchez (recently renamed Don Sanchez) and Casianos, difficult to find in its weird location in a largely vacant shopping center, but the most refined French-influenced Mexican cooking in the area, and the finest if also the priciest wine list. For much
more casual dining in San Jose, tell them to ask directions to Taqueria Rossy for fish tacos and El Michoacano for carnitas (El Michoacano is always my first stop when we are back in town; it’s the only place I can get a half kilo of lard.)

Finally, an explanation.

We go every year year and Market at Palmilla and Manuel’s Creative Cuisine are always highlights.

Alan, when are you going? I’ll be there in the beginning of December.


Going Dec 24th-31st. We have been there about 5 times usualy mid December and have always enjoyed it. We stay off the strip between Cabos and San Jose at the Fiesta Americana which is quiet compared with Cabos

Have a great time!