Restaurant recs for Old Market Omaha? Wine shops?

I’ll be there for a couple of nights later this week. I suppose high on my list would be a place where I can get a good slab of red meat and buy a nice bottle off a list.



It has been 3 or 4 years since I’ve been to Omaha. Enjoyed and when I was there. Good steak, don’t recall much about the wine list. Also ate at, also good steak and I seem to recall enjoying the wine list more there but didn’t focus on it that trip. Really liked a hole-in-the-wall dive called Smoke Pit BBQ & Lounge on Farnam & 25th.

First two would be easy to walk from where you are staying, BBQ joint you’d probably want to take a cab.


Thanks Matt. There were a couple of nice places off of an alley that I went to last time (4-6 years ago), but I want to scout a bit online.The website for the 801 was acting funky and so I could not look at that earlier today and Sullivans seems ok, but is a chain. I suppose I should have specified :slight_smile:. A couple of places I checked out today had ridiculously high wine prices. e.g., Haut Marbuzet 2008 for $130. Shoot, I got the 05 for 35??

Thanks again. I’m supposed to leave Tuesday night, but it appears we might get a wee bit of that white stuff.

I assume you’ve been to V. Mertz?

My wife and I also liked Vivace. Then on the casual side, there is the Upstream Brewing Company.

Look at M’s Pub ( Lunch ) or the Zin Room ( Dinner )!! For something a bit reasonable.

Boiler Room, is doing some nice stuff TOO. I’d do Sullivans… for the beef

I wasnt impressed with 810!!

Yes. Enjoyed it.

Thanks for the ideas.

The Boiler Room and The Grey Plume have been named as 2012 James Beard Semifinalists. Paul Kulik @ The Boiler Room for best chef Midwest with Clayton Chapman for Rising Star @ The Grey Plume.

Trying out the Boiler Room now. Hope it’s still good in 2018. Wine list is amazing. Ordered a 2014 Rollin Bourgogne. Anyone who has Rollin and Pinon on their list earns major brownie points from me.

No report back?

Sorry, was waiting to type up my wine notes to include but things have been hectic since I got back.

The food at The Boiler Room was very good. Everything was well prepared but the dishes needed editing. Both the app and the entree would have been better for one less item on the plate. I’ve certainly had better elsewhere but it was good enough that if I was in Omaha again I’d consider revisiting. And the wine list was fantastic. I ate at the bar since there were no tables available and was amused to see that hipster bartenders have made it to Omaha.

I give the same wine list praise to 801 Chophouse where I found a 2015 O. Raffault Barnabes on the list for $50. Obviously the food is simpler/less ambitious but I enjoyed it more. Well cooked prime steak, caeser salad (with anchovies) and sauteed spinach. Nothing I can’t make myself at home but sometimes classics are classics for a reason.