Restaurant needed for Thanksgiving dinner-San Antonio

For a variety of reasons, the family wishes to dine out. We have vegetarians and carnivores alike so a varied menu will be needed. Corkage would be a plus and a private room even better. Suggestions welcome.

No idea if they have a private room or serve on Thanksgiving but one of the loveliest experiences I ever had in a restaurant was at Restaurant Gwendolyn in San Antonio. I was in town for a business conference, walked over to have dinner since it was nearby and sounded interesting … when I returned to our hotel, I was so happy with the whole experience, a whole bunch of other folks wanted to go. The restaurant put together a group dinner for 20 for the next night with almost zero notice (people kept hearing about it and wanting to join in so we never had a firm count etc) and while their menu is very specialized they accommodated quite a mix of requests. Both food and hospitality was top notch but also so friendly and comfortable … major success.

All perishables are sourced within 150 miles and no electric kitchen tools are used … menu shifts daily … wine was delicious though I can’t remember the list well enough to comment now.

If not for your family celebration, consider it for another evening in SA.

Thanks, will investigate.

Gwendolyn is excellent and allows corkage. Not sure about being open for T-day though. BYOB is pretty rare in SA (if a restaurant has liquor, the answer is no) and not many are likely to be open on T-day.

Others to try-

Biga On The Banks has done T-day in the past w/ veg option. No corkage, but I think they have a separate area/room/patio.
Maverick- nice list, no corkage allowed.
Bliss- corkage, separate are/patio.
Sichuan House- veg option and corkage friendly. In better times, a favorite of the local SE wine crew.

Check back in October and it should be easier to help.