reservations at the french laundry

Can anyone help me out? I would like to go to the french laundry on either July 7th or 8th for dinner. Either 2 or 4 people, whatever works

Please help me

Go buy a new Acura. We got one two weeks ago and their concierge promises to work and get you any reservations that you want if you call from the road on a trip while using navigation. Keep them on their toes.

If you have Amex Platinum, that concierge can sometimes help. You give some dates and, of course, FL is already booked, but you have to confirm with non-refundable deposit several days ahead. When/if someone cancels at that point, FL will call you (as of 2 years ago anyway). First time they called me, I was in a meeting and didn’t answer. They don’t leave any message because, if you don’t answer, they just move on to the next on the list!

Second time, Amex actually found a workable date for us. Good luck!

Steve, do a google search for this. There are a couple of inns that have some sort of relationship with the FL. If you stay there they may be able to secure a reservation. Great thing is that you only commit yourself if the can get you the reservation.

Good luck. Call and ask to be put on the waitlist. Then pursue the other options people listed above.

Call and tell them you will take any cancellation, any time, any day within a window.

When/if they offer it, take it. Its not like you can just roll into FL and get a reservation. But, if there is an opening and they offer the slot, you have to decide right then/there.

Good luck