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In order to have updated informations : please anyone explaining tome if now in USA (or some States at least), it is possible to buy wines on internet and be delivered without any problems with some administrations (customs ?) ?

Thanks in advance

I can’t speak for other states, but in California I can buy from a retailer in another state over the internet and have the wine shipped to me. There are no fees or duties or customs charges to do this. There is an adult signature required upon delivery of alcoholic beverages by FedEx or UPS.

Bruce Weimer

François, in Illinois, we can order from out of state (or in-state) wineries, but not out of state retailers. We pay Illinois sales tax on all.

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Are we talking international shipments? They must clear customs through a licensed importer.

Francois, I must assume that you are referring to State to State American purchases on the Internet. I am certain that you are aware of the need to pay VAT and customs for wines imported from abroad in all American States.
Each State is different as to whether they allow direct shipping of wines from an out of State Winery. There are 13 States that have a reciprocity agreement that includes California, Washington State and others and there are numerous States that consider it a crime to ship directly into their State. If there are specific States that you have an interest in, feel free to notify me and I will be happy to provide you with the applicable Laws.

It really does get tricky and best to ask a specific question. Not everyone interprets or follows the law the same way. For example, there are retailers in Illinois that will ship to me in NJ and others that absolutely refuse.

Here’s a great site that details US wine shipping laws:" onclick=";return false;

Is that specific to you or NJ?