Renieri Brunello di Montalcino 2012

So last night at a Riedel tasting class where all the participants got a 4 glass Riedel tasting kit, we had some really nice wines.
They had Larrivet Haut Brion Blanc White Bordeaux and an extremely nice Black Cordon Chardonnay. Apparently Paul Hobbs makes this or is involved.
Really liked that.

Also had a Meli Melo Cab.
That was also very nice.

But they had a Renieri Brunello di Montalcino 2012 as the final wine to sample the wines in the Riedel glasses.

Now let me preface this.
I have a couple 2010’s and 11’s.
Also an 11 Riserva

But the 2010 Riserva we had at a wine dinner early this year was spectacular!

What do you Italian wine lovers know about the Montalcino 2012 vintage as opposed to 2010?
I hear it was close.
I had an 11 Renieri BDM a couple months back and it was nice.
Not memorable.
After trying the 12 last night my only thought was this.
If this one is tasting this nice at this early date, I can only imagine what the 2012 Riserva will be like. Should be out by next spring.
Grabbed 3 of the 12’s a month ago but hadn’t tried until last night.
Total Wine has them $10 off and there is a 15% off coupon on top of that so around $34.

Has anyone tried any of the Renieri wines?
I like their Toscana’s too.
The Re Di Renieri 2012 is excellent as well.

Anyone else like a good Brunello?


I had written about the 2010 Renieri Riserva here.

I can’t speak to the 2012s as I’m a noob to BdM and just started purchasing. Thanks for the note on the 2010 Riserva - I had read somewhere else that it’s off the hook and was meaning to pick up a couple.

I’ve had this and loved it. However, I found a 2010 Fuligni. Ohhhhh Fuligni! Sublime!

Once you Fuligni, you never go back. FYI, their Rosso is also better that most Brunello’s and one of the best deals out there, IF you can find it.

Thanks Juan. What are the Renieri and Fuligni styles?

I wish he 2010 Riserva was still available.
I don’t believe you can find it anywhere.

But if the 12 is any indication of what that years Riserva will be like, I will load the boat.

And yes…

He was 100 points on that.
He also gave the 12 a 95.

Karl, my local Total Wine has some of the 2010. ~$116 a bottle if you “mix six”.

Are you serious???

I’ll take two Thank You



Try it after a couple hours of decant and tell me if tho aroma doesn’t knock your socks off.
We drank 3 bottles between 8 of us.
What a treat that was.

Speaking of Texas.
My understanding is the Total Wine here in Claymont DE is the 2nd largest wine store in the world.
The largest wine store or liquor store is in Texas.

They actually had one bottle left at the Towson MD TW location.
Now they have zero left there.

Just wanted to follow up.
The Towson store didn’t actually have one.
So they cancelled my order.

But a heads up here.
Total wine has a bunch of Italian wines on sale and they have a Renieri Rossi di Montalcino 2013 (90 wine spectator) on sale $4 off at 15.99
they also have a 15% off coupon good until 10-1
PLU code 5009

use it till Oct 1st

So, I grabbed a couple of the Rosso’s mentioned above and tried it last night.

Very nice!!!
I will go back and grab a case.
Great anytime wine for $13.59 a bottle.
Love it.

When my order was cancelled on the Riserva I went by my TW and got 2 more of the 2012 BDM Renieri.
Had one Saturday night.
Nice…will be better after a couple years.


Haven’t tasted from this producer, but I do have a bottle of the 2010 regular bottling. It is probably destined for the 2010 Brunello table I’ll be putting together in 3 years for my WineFest V.

I need to start trying some 12s to compare them to the 10 vintage which I absolutely adore.

Haere Ra,


That sounds good Mike.
Try the baby brunello…the Rosso.
Really nice.
Keep your eyes open next winter/spring for the 2012 Renieri BDM Riserva’s.