Renaissance Vineyards, Yuba, CA

These old wines made by Gideon Beinstock of Clos Saron have stood the test of time really well. Not every bottle is perfect but they are a very affordable way to get a look back into an earlier era of winemaking. I mention it because I see that Chambers St. sent an email with some inventory coming in shortly. You can get some still direct from the winery I believe. Not sure what the selection process was from Gideon on purchasing and relabelling but it’s probably the better vintages.

I’ve always liked their Cabernet and Granite Crown bottlings, as well as the Roussanne. I know there’s been a little bit of talk about them but couldn’t find a thread devoted to them yet.

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I think if you search “beinstock” you’ll find a bunch of threads about Renaissance.

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I’ve posted a smattering of reviews going back to wines from the 1990s. I bought a couple cases direct. Some showed really well, but others did not, which I attribute to the storage conditions. The corks were generally in terrible condition. When they shined, they were beauties. Old school California Cab and blends! I saw that Chambers offering but am likely to pass.

The real “cult” wine!
Flatiron Wines has had the Taken From Granite wines he made for sale in the last year it seems.
I have 95 Soleil & 98 Elegance. I drank a 95 Soleil earlier in the year: “Decanted did a decent amount of sediment and let sit for about an hour. Does not come across as 26 years old.
Fresh leather, black cherry, raspberry turnover filling, roobios tea, soil. While the nose has a few older notes there’s enough acidity to freshen things up and tannins that offer a seamless experience.”

Lots of old memories with Renaissance wines- often rustic and mostly enjoyable but it’s been many years now.

Absolutely wonderful article about it here:

Had the 1999 Renaissance Vin de Terroir last night, two hours double decanted. Completely ready and very wonderful. Lots of red berries. Not huge like many American cab or cab blends, much more restrained.

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VdT have been my favorite Renaissance wines. I rode my Harley up there 15 years ago.

Thread got me to uncork these two gems, with three-day prepared pork molé negro.

00 Cab Sav is straight-up Pauillac, maybe a solid 1996. Overachieving in every sense, pure old school bliss.

05 Granite Crown is 60% Syrah and the rest Bordeaux varietals. Wine had vinegar stink upon uncorking but was glorious an hour later. Blind I think I’d guess old Walla Walla. Just Killa.


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