Rekondo wine list

Anyone know of a way to access online? Going in October, menu planned but not wines.

we spent the better part of an hour looking at the list. After lunch went on a tour of the wine cellar
the cellar has over 150,000 bottles and it is handwritten, so it is not online. We drank an 81 LdH Tondonia and a 78 Monte Real Gran Reserva.

Last time we were there, had a '64 RLdH Tondonia GR. Was fabulous! And, the price was less than the bodega was asking for as library release at that time.

Warning: they open old bottles with port tongs which is a fun ceremony but not if your food is getting cold so make sure they can align the wine service with the food.

Simple solution.
Don’t order food until wine choices are made and bottles are opened and tasted.

when I went to S. Sebastian a few months ago I emailed them asking them if they had a digital version of the list. They said they did not, but that I could borrow the list for a a day if I went to pick it up. In the end I did not do it but appreciated the gesture.

The list!

Absolutely incredible list - and not just the Spanish wines (the DRC was so incredible that I took pics of those pages). Was fun to look through it and try to narrow down a few dozen bottles that seemed enticing to just two - focused my attention mainly on older Spanish wines as those seemed to be the gems as good prices. I had planned to get there early just to be able to look at the list before dinner but we were running late that day. I bet I spent almost 30-40 minutes until I made the decision. Be sure to wait to order the food until you have settled on and even perhaps received the wine. It took a while to get the wine poured and by then we’d already finished a course.

Not from online, but here’s a page from 2-3 years ago during our visit.
Rekondo wine list.jpg

Here are the pages that I took pics of…