Refrigerator temp to service time

I unfortunately am without my wine cooler and have been storing high end bottles in the fridge.
I plan to serve one Thursday. I typically pull out a bottle such that by service time it is cellar temp. Is this the best strategy, or should I pull it out to room temp (~72F) in advance and chill slightly prior to service? Thanks for thoughts.

I can’t imagine that it would matter, except that one way might be easier for you to predict the ending temperature? It might be more precise to take out and allow to come up to room temp, then later cool down as desired. It might be tricky to predict how long it will take a very cold bottle to “warm up” to exactly where you want it to be…?

Thanks, Paul. Will give it a go.
I suppose one could do some physics/chem to figure out the temp question, but I prefer the trial & error method… [truce.gif]

Use physics to your advantage…put it in an ice bucket filled with cool water, which will bring it up way quicker. To get it there even faster, immerse it, and leave the bucket under a trickling faucet.

I don’t recommend the microwave.

Once it’s poured, it comes to room temperature so quickly that you don’t have to be very precise. At this time of year, I often prefer to chill reds so they don’t get too warm too fast.

So I’d say take 'em out of the fridge 15-20 minutes ahead and the first or second glass will be at cellar temperature.