Redondo Beach 19 - 26 February

My wife and I are headed to LA to visit some relatives. We arrive on Wednesday 19 February and depart on Wednesday 26 February. If there is a chance of an offline somewhere that two geographically challenged people can find, we would love to know about it. We are staying in an Airbnb in Redondo Beach near one of our relatives. We can always carry some wine with us. Not certain about glasses.

We would also appreciate some recommendations on restaurants that don’t require a four hour round trip. Driving in LA traffic will be something new to us.

Not sure about an offline, but please get a cheeseburger at the bullpen for me. Love that place.

I love Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach about a 15min drive from you.
Another place same owners right across the street in Manhattan Beach os MB Post

Thanks ryan and scamhi. We don’t know LA so every little bit helps.

Michael: Where are you staying? There have been a few new openings in Manhattan Beach as well as Redondo… Coast and David Slay’s come to mind. Redondo has quite a few nice, casual places in the area known as Riviera Village. If you like old school family run French Bistro’s, take a look at Dominique’s Kitchen. I would usually highly endorse Chez Melange, but they are closing soon and therefore are packed every night.You might give them a try and see if you can get lucky.

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We are staying in an Airbnb on Avenue A. We have reservations at Dominique’s Kitchen tomorrow night. Chez Melange is also on my list. But these recommendations make choices much easier. I really don’t like to roll the dice when it comes to food. Dominique’s and Chez Melange are within walking distance of our rental. I will see if we can get into Chez Melange. Might be difficult.

Unfortunately Chez Melange has no openings while we are in town. Any other great seafood restaurants you recommend?

It’s pretty out of the way, but if you have time to pop up to Augustine in Sherman Oaks they always have lots of cool old stuff by the glass or half-glass, the staff is super nice, and the food is killer. My grandparents lived in Torrance and when I’d be down visiting I’d always make the trek up there at least once.

If you want to come up to Culver City on Sunday, then I could possibly join you and bring the wine. Only issue is that it’s have to start at 6:00pm. It’s be a half hour drive, but I’d recommend Lyft/Uber.

In Manhattan Beach, Fishing with Dynamite has excellent seafood. Highly recommended.

Just got lucky. Must have been a cancelation. Reservations for Chez Melange tonight. Less than a mile walk from the cottage we are renting.

Dinner at Dominique’s Kitchen last night was great. Best duck rillets we have ever had. Breakfast at Wildflower this morning outstanding too. Everything fresh.

My old hood. Say hi to Michael and Robert tonight at Chez Melange from me please.

And within walking distance of Chez is a small wine bar called Friends of the Vine. Nothing special but not a bad place to pull up a stool and hang out for awhile.


Thanks Larry. I bet we can work a wine bar into our schedule. Bettolino’s tonight. Enrique’s tomorrow night and up to MB for MB Post on Sunday. Making the rounds. Walking everywhere except Manhattan Beach on Sunday. I am too old for that round trip.

Michael: Sounds like you did quite well overall! Let us know how things went in the various venues. I will be at Chez tonight for the last meeting of our “old folks” dinner group. Very glad you enjoyed “Dominique’s Kitchen.”

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All meals have been very good. Our goal was to try different types of foods each evening. Enrique’s is hard to classify - - latín fusion maybe. Second best grilled octopus we have ever had. The best was in Lima, Perú. Not likely to get back there any time soon. The churros at Enrique’s were served with a mini-pitcher of hot melted chocolate and fresh whipped cream. They had the crisp outer layer and the moist soft inner layer you want churros to have.

Tonight we will be walking right by Chez as we head to Creme De La Crepe. It is half-price bottles of wine on Mondays. We had breakfast there on Saturday and the crepes were very close to the ones a French friend makes. Delicious.

We canceled MB Post and decided to go to the Redondo Beach location of Bluewater Grill. My wife had scallops and I had Mahi Mahi. Both were cooked perfectly. The view is very nice too.