Redbreast Irish Whiskey 25 Pot still

I saw this at the store today. $250 Is this a good price? Never had it before.

I wasn’t aware that Redbreast did a 25 year old… I’ve only seen 12, 15, and 21. I’ve seen the 21 go for around $250. So, a 25 year old at that same price is probably a good price!

I’ve personally never had it, but I do love the 12!

Thanks. Perhaps I saw it wrong. I will go back an check.

I think $250 is a good price considering the 21yo around me goes anywhere from $200-$230

It is 21yo. Too oak-astringent and lacking freshness in my opinion. Older isn’t always better, especially when it comes to pot-still Irish Whiskey. YMMV.

Picked up a 12, 12 cask, 15, and 21 yr yesterday. Not impressed. Guess the Irish thing is not my cup of tea. Live and learn.

Jason. Give it time to grown on you. I can only speak to the 12 and 15. I was introduced to Redbreast years ago and thought it great, then, IIRC, it was purchased by Jameson and while availability increased quality slumped. However, I’ve had it several times in the past year and have again been very happy with quality. My last bottle improved after it had been opened for awhile.

Good Irish whiskey has a unique flavor in my opinion. I think of it as a candied-orange flavor, but definitely a fruity whiskey. I find this character quite pronounced in the Bushmill’s 16.

One of the problems with Jameson/Irish Distillers (Pernod) these days is tremendous batch variation. I find it most disappointing in Red Breast of all ages and Power’s Johns Lane. Less so in Green Spot, which isn’t as a rule as great as it once was, but variable all the same.

the 12yo is my house Irish. I didn’t think the 15 was worth the extra $$. Interesting points about the variance in quality, I agree there is bottle variation.

Mark, perhaps that is what I’m getting then. Like I said, a couple of bottles in a row were uninspiring, then in the last year two have been excellent. I had hoped for a return to form. Could just be bottle variation.

Greenspot is not for me either. I get barley and cashews. Too sweet for a bourbon fan.