Red wine in your cellar

Hi Terry,

If I spied into your cellar, what red wine region would be best represented? What are some of you favorite red wine producers?


Austria for normal occasions. Burgundy for, um, Burgundy occasions! Old-school Rioja of-a-certain-age.

What I’d like more of are mature Barolo and Barbaresco, ripasso Valpolicellas, Loire Cab Francs, northern Rhônes.

My favorites would surprise no one who also likes wines from those places.

I didnt even know Austria made red wine.

Nice to spot that pile of Lopez de Heredia, wasn’t it? I only wish the prices were old-school.

Tried this at Peter Weygandt’s shop in DC - 2007 Schiefer Blaufränkisch Blaufränkisch “Reihburg” Uwe Schiefer. It’s a really nice Austrian red.

What is the varietal? Is it a bright and lively wine?

No german pinots Terry? Becker and the like?


It’s Blaufrankisch. If you have Terry’s Austrian catalog he gives a good description of the main red grapes used by producers in his portfolio.

here’s my note from CT

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Very intrigued. My universe of red wine is basically two varietals (Pinot and Gammay). I need to expand more horizons.

Looking on cellartracker I can see these wines arent cheap

Look out for St. Laurent:" onclick=";return false;

Definitely horizon-expanding.

And I hate to do this but I have to…it’s varieties.

Now I’ll join the chorus: Welcome back, David.

Some aren’t (like the high end single vineyard Morics). Some are great values.

The '07 Moric Blaufränkisch ran about $30ish at Crush and was a tremendous wine. Prieler and Paul Lehrner both make some really lovely, finessed reds that I could see any red Loire or Burgundy drinker enjoying.

Where did David go?

A Disorder-esque hiatus.

You go, girl!

Austria makes some lovely Pinot as well. More convincing to me than most of Germany.

I quite agree, Eric.