Red wine in cola: no longer a joke or stereotype


Try red wine with orange soda.


I’m going to try this next time I open a bottle I’m not enjoying.

The rich and irreverent should still feel free to add it to first growths. The Internet will always be here to ridicule.

pepsi [stirthepothal.gif] [cheers.gif]

I did a summer abroad in Spain in lieu of taking Spanish 3 in college and recall fondly going to bars and being handed boda bags and porrons full of cheap red wine and coca cola. I remember thinking how weird that combination sounded at the time, but it was actually good (or at least I recall it that way as a young college kid). This reminds me that I should give it another go and see what I think now.

Thanks for sharing Victor.

What beverage combination containing alcohol did not taste good in college?

Wine coolers, Budweiser and budlight. Lol

We went to Chile recently and were surprised to discover that this is popular (with their lower end wines).

Never was a joke. Best use for Pinot Noir.

This is funny though: “The tannins in the wine balance out the too-sweet Coca-Cola. It just makes a refreshing and incredibly accessible cocktail.”

Spoken like a true somm!

And you gotta trust anyone who can’t even spell the name of the grape:

6 oz. red wine, such as Spanish Rioja or temperanillo
6 oz. Cherry Coke Zero

Graves and room temperature cans of the beast. Granted they’re not beverage combinations but I shudder every time they come to mind…

Consuming diet soda is the real crime here. Gross. Not a big fan of soft drinks generally but I can’t stand the flavor of diet soda.

In Rioja this was a huge hit in the local bars - they called it Rioja Libre (like a Cuba Libre). I didn’t really care for it but I see the appeal.

But at what concentration of TCA can you taste cork taint when you mix in coca cola? Is this the cure for “slightly corked” wines?

when i first visited croatia (almost 10 years ago) my wife’s family introduced me to bambus - a mixture of cheap red wine and cola. it was actually refreshing. although i much preferred gemist - a mixture of white wine and sparkling water (only jamnica of course).


In my younger days we used to make a cocktail of 2 parts zinfandel to 1 part Orangina over crushed ice, stolen from the Fanta-based version I’d tried in Spain. Plenty delicious.

Anything with the name Budweiser on it. [stirthepothal.gif]


I enjoy a soda with my Culver’s Butter Burger but did not want to risk sneaking in wine to the fast food restaurant tonight to mix it with it. I highly recommend Culver’s Root Beer straight.

Where I grew up this has been around forever and is usually called Korea, as in KOla REd.