Red Burg: Your ratio of GC/1er/village/Bourgogne and why?

Grand Cru - 23%
1er Cru - 66%
Village/Regional 11%

Premier Cru wins thanks to my vast Guillemot holdings. Wish I had paid more attention Regional back in the day too.

Grand Cru - 7%
1er Cru - 36%
Village - 37%
Bourgogne - 20%

A good chunk of the Bourgogne is from a single vineyard in HcDN (Fontaine St Martin). I would probably buy more GC if I could afford it.

GC ~ 10%
1er ~ 60
Village ~ 20
App ~ 10

Why? because I’m 58 and because I’ve been fortunate to have plenty of great GC already, so I’m quite content. But, it’s mainly because my money has to work for me so that I don’t have to. With 800+ aged Nebbiolo still in the cellar, my death bed will be as comfortable as it can be.


Grand Cru -25%
Premier Cru - 58%
Villages - 15%
Regional - 2%

A lot of my wine was either bought a long time ago or in Burgundy or both. I tend to drink regional and villages wine younger, so their percentages probably understate my purchases of them. I tend to drink grand crus fairly old, esp. wines like Corton and BM.

Note, that while today many premier crus have gotten expensive, for most of my buying life, they were the sweet spot in buying Burgundy. A surprising large number of my premier crus are from Volnay.

I sorted by appellation and employed basic math (addition) to answer.

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I had to do same.

I always wished CT had sort and summarize by Burgundy “level” (or whatever term is correct) options. Also village would be really nice. Village would be handy for Piedmont also (although I guess that would be “comune”).

Good topic. I’m about 1/3 GC and 2/3 1er. It’s the best I can do. I keep about three cases of Village level wines around in case of emergency. I have a bottle of Bourgogne from Mugneret-Gibourg and like all of their stuff it drinks above it’s level.

This would be a good topic in Bordeaux too. Eighty percent left bank, twenty right. Five percent first growth, forty percent second, 30% third, and the last 25% between fourth and fifth. Same rationale.

This is really interesting. Do folks think that the tightness of fit between quality and hierarchy is similar between Burgundy and Bordeaux? I’ve never thought that.

Sure the 1st growths are generally excellent (and expensive). But are the 2nd growths slightly less good, then 3rd, 4th, 5ths? What about satellite Bordeaux? Right Banks with their own hierarchy? To me it seems like the rankings in Bordeaux are more or less irrelevant to quality. But I haven’t studied it carefully. What do others think?

Interesting and worth it’s own thread perhaps!

Does Lynch Bages or GrandPuyLacoste count as 5th growth?
Palmer 3rd? Rauzan-Gassies 2nd?
And what about Pomerol? Pessac-L?

17% GC
59% 1er
20% Village
4% Bourgogne

More or less.
Trying to buy fewer bottles overall, and of those more GC and premier, more backfilling. We’ll see how that goes … :roll_eyes:

Village exceptions I’m always happy to include are Berthaut Gerbet Fixins, Fourrier’s Gevrey vv and some Guffens-Heynen