Red Burg: Your ratio of GC/1er/village/Bourgogne and why?

Bourgogne: 9%
Village: 13%
1er: 78%
GC: 0%

If we want to include Beaujolais, those numbers go down a bit and Beaujolais is around 15%.

23% Grand Crus
63% 1er Crus
11% villages
3% regional/bourgogne

I have always thought premier crus are where it’s at so while I own more grand crus as a percentage of my cellar than I did back in my early days (I can now afford them), I have always been a value shopper. Hence, my largest holding are in NSG 1er crus, primarily vosne-adjacent vineyards.

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6% GC
65% PC
29% village

I got into Burgundy late in the game and prices severely limited my GC purchases. I wish I had started collecting in the 1990s!

It was nice when these value plays were little known. Not any more!

GC: 35%
1er: 55%
Villages: 10%
Borgogne: 0%

When I first starting buying burgs, it was about 80% 1er and 20% GC. It took me a more than 5 years to realise the quality and attraction of villages wines.

I have stopped buying and so the ratio of GC is slowly rising as they take the longest to show their best.

65% 1er Cru
30% Grand Cru
5% Village

I’ve had some good aged village wines from 2005 and now wonder if I shorted that category. However, with village wines going for $75-100 these days, I feel there is better value to be had elsewhere in the world - so it makes sense not to have as much village. Not really buying Grand Cru wines anymore either, so glad to have what I have (knowing that it will decline over time). When I do buy these days, its an opportunistic 1er Cru here or there (and mostly Beaune).

Funny it’s the opposite for me. I get such good prices on Bourgogne. It’s hard for me to swallow the higher prices over here for Oregon (and frankly I’m just so elated that I have access to almost all my favourite producers), but regional wines are the casualty there.

50% GC
29% 1er
21% Village

I’m somewhat similar to Otto, though with much less Beaujolais.

Regional 37%
Village 38%
1er Cru 24%
Grand Cru 1%

I’ve only been into Burgundy for about 3 years now and find the prices for 1er to be eye-watering. I’m quite jealous of those who have had the opportunity to buy at more affordable levels.

I’m fortunate to pay relative peanuts for UK “in-bond” storage vs my US storage (around $1.30 or so per bottle per year), so I don’t mind piling up some basic Bourgogne Rouge/Blanc to get some age. These will be fantastic weekday wines in a few years.

I’m probably:

25% - GC
40% - 1er
10% - Village
25% - Bourgogne

I enjoy Bourgogne blancs quite a bit for the prices relative to other regions and also think they’re a great way to try new producers or new vintages. I’m holding almost all of my '16-'20 GCs and 1ers for later drinking with the exception of a few '17s. Village wines don’t present much of a value proposition to me anymore. They often approach or exceed $100 and there are tons of great 1ers in that $75-$150 range. At this stage in my wine exploration, I’d rather explore more single vineyard expressions.

Is there an easy way to sort by level on CT - how are you all getting exact figures like this?

Purchase: GC around 20%, 1er 50%, Village 25%, Regional 5%
in cellar: GC around 40%, 1er around 40%, Village 20% and almost no regional (drunk early)

10% Bourgogne
36% village
36% 1er
18% GC


5% GC
45% 1er
45% Village
5% Bourgogne

Search for Burgundy, add keyword search (‘grand cru’, ‘1er’, ‘bourgogne’, with village the remainder) then tally the counts was the best I could figure out, a brute force and potentially not entirely accurate approach. But close enough.

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Exactly how I did it.

34% GC, 66% 1er Cru, less than 1% village. I must be drinking my village wines; I was sure I had some more.

35% Grand Cru
31% Premier Cru
24% Village
10% Regional

I buy plenty of regional though, I guess I just drink it quickly…

GC - 25% - I’m done buying GC…so this will only go down and why I bought them when I bought them. to have them later in life when I can no longer justify paying what they’re going for.

1er - 50% - This will likely increase 5% here & there for the next decade, but then I too expect that I will soon reach a point where I’m only buying Villages & Bourgogne in the next decade.

Villages - 24% - I drink these most often, and over the next decade this is the section I expect will likely grow (maybe 5-10%) due to my shifting buying power there as 1er prices continue to get silly…thank goodness for OPN.

Bourgogne - 2% - I drink these quite soon too, and rarely age them longer than 5 years. I too expect this may be changing and expect as I continue to shift buying power this group will only get bigger. In many cases I see Bourgogne going for what villages were going for 10 years ago and that makes me worried that eventually even this humble category will be approaching the $100 price-tag in the next decade or two. Then…I think I’ll be out of Burgundy for good (sadly).

Current inventory (I don’t inventory DDs so I added an estimate for some Bourgognes and a handful of villages in that category - it’s not a lot as I don’t age them much).

GC - 7.5%
1er - 80.5%
Village - 9%
Bourgogne - 3%

It’s almost all due to price. I have a few 2001 GCs and one 2008 from the CdN, otherwise all my GCs are Corton as all GCs from CdNs cost more than I’m willing to spend on a bottle of wine.

Most of my 1ers are CdB as well - lots of Volnay and Pommard 1ers which are to me the best bang for the buck at the upper end of what I will spend and lots of Beaune, Savigny, and similar 1ers at the lower end of what I spend for non-DDs. They strike me as better values than, say, a similarly priced Village Pommard or Volnay. But I make exceptions.