Recycle Bin Memories

Fairly good week. The 83 Gruaud Larose was spectacular


Wait, didn’t we see this bin last week?

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Yes but that was last week. This week is a reload.

When our daughter was working at Januik, she would often come home with a case of leftover tasting room wines on Sundays. Just a glass or two in each bottle. We would have 30+ bottles in 2 weeks of recycling. It made a racket when they dumped our bin in the truck.


:clap: Boulay

But are you recycling your corks?

Pleasant memories from the past…

Every label ends up face up in these bins…you guys must be good at coin flips :joy:


Yes…coin flips. But if you’re taking a photo of the recycling bin…(like I did) what is really going on in life?

If you accumulate enough corks, sell them on eBay.

Amateurs. From Berserkerfest 2.5. Note the Blueberry Bliss at the rear of the central bin. That’s the famous bottles where Abood and I argue over whether he swallowed or not. I did not.

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Is there really a market for the spent corks? In my healthfood store there is a collection bin for those. Sometimes overwhelmed parents send their unruly children to play with the corks: it works like a charm.