Recommending a Luggage Forwarding service

I used a luggage forwarding service when returning to Boston from our wintering in AZ. I had an oversize roll-on bag that airlines won’t accept any longer weighing about 90 Lbs. packed. I wanted not to deal with the transporting nor airport nor anything. I told them I was in no hurry and wanted the cheapest cost available. One week shipping, 90 Lbs $119. It was picked up and arrived at my home a day after we did.

They surveyed my opinion on their service and said I would be glad to introduce their service on Internet forums I’m a member of. One thing led to another and ultimately I was transfered to the sender of the note that follows.

He said he would be glad to offer us discounts as outlined below.

Hi Ron,

I’ve created your discount that will automatically apply it, no promo code needed!" onclick=";return false;

For phone bookings, folks should reference promo code WINO. (I picked that )

Discounts are as follows:

10% off Express, Priority and Standard services

5% off Basic, Economy and International services

Thank you!

Josh Veryser

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Do I need to say that I have no financial interest in the above, just a satisfied customer

Why not just ship your stuff UPS?

If I want anything down at my AZ place I just ship out of the office, takes four days from Oregon to AZ with UPS ground.

On the flip side if I buy or have stuff in AZ that I want in Oregon I just UPS it back.

I agree with you, it is great. No checked bags, no hassle packing bags to the airport etc. I fly Alliegiant quite a bit and they charge $20/30 per checked bag. For less than that I can ship a couple of big boxes UPS.

I had a friend that was visiting us on a golf trip and had to get back to Oregon in a hurry. I had him leave his clubs and I shipped them to Oregon on Fed Ex ground. Took 3-4 days and they were delivered to his front door in Portland. Total cost was $75. Such a deal!

These guys seem to specialize in golf clubs and surf boards and the like.

I’m not sure I could get UPS to do 90 pounds and get $1000 in insurance for $119?

golf clubs and other odd size and shaped stuff maybe but 90lb oversize package with $1k ins. via fedx is about $72 from phoenix to boston

btw, the link doesn’t work