Recommendations (tasting rooms, restaurants and happy hours) for Napa Business Trip

I’m heading out to Napa for a weeklong business trip in early April, and it’s been a few years since I’ve actually spent time in the city of Napa proper. We’re staying at the Marriott and our days will run pretty much 9-5 solid.

I’m looking for recommendations for tasting rooms that’ll be open after 5, restaurants that can accommodate a group (either walk-in or not awfully difficult to get a reservation) and happy hours.


Tasting rooms after 5pm are a rare thing.

Alpha Omega runs to 6 pm.

Oh, dang, that was easy…here’s a link!

In downtown Napa

  • Krupp Brothers tasting room (open til 8pm)
  • Compline wine bar
  • Walt Wines at Oxbow may be open late (it’s a new location so not sure of hours - they are part of Hall).


  • Celadon
  • Bistro Don Giovanni