Recommendations for Portugal

Hi everyone!

I’ll be traveling to Portugal in mid-May and I’d love to hear suggestions. The plan is to have a few days in Porto, a few in a little house in the Duoro, and take a drive down to Lisbon for the last portion of the trip.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for whatever you think shouldn’t be missed: wineries to hit (of course), restaurants, places to see, anything really. Whatever tips you’ve got- I’ll take them.

Thanks so much!

Have you tried to search the extensive advice already posted? Here’s one thread.Portugal, Lisbon & Algarve Restaurant & Activities no kids Rec - #43 by Eric_Ifune


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Monster thread here

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Portugal is a land of wine but craft beers are a big thing as well. Tap houses, with decent food as well, include Canil in Lisbon and Nortada in Porto. There are many others. The out of the way and industrial neighborhood of Marvala has several tap rooms worth seeking out on a pub crawl.

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Nice suggestion of Canil Eric: I see that they have two outlets with the Baixa one very close to where I’m staying later this year. I’ll be sure to pop in.

There are a couple of Portugal basers users here, which you should look up!

posted from a 2017 thread: Lisbon–great city–makes SF look flat, it’s a city of 7 hills and the stone sidewalks are slippery. Don’t drive in the city–crazy rules, lanes, and drivers. Taxis are cheap. Take a Tuk-Tuk ride and tour. People are very friendly, prices great, food better than Spain. We stayed in a great location, a small hotel called Valverde, knowledgeable staff and great air conditioning. In Chiado (area of Lisbon), there is a glove store called Lucaria Ulisses worth visiting, there since 1925 and amazing leather gloves and service. Coffee shops and bookstores are there, a fun area. Super restaurants near Valverde–one called Sommelier, has very good food and a super Portuguese wine list, most available by the glass. Speakeasy called Red Frog was fun, had an excellent drink there several nights. Solar dos Presuntos is a must–should have gone there twice–classic Portuguese restaurant, cheese, olives, ham, had delicious kid. JNçquoi, pronounced je ne sais quoi, was excellent–lots of natives eating there, definitely worth lunch or dinner. Largo had good Portuguese food and is known for martinis–roast pork excellent. Michelin 2 star Belcanto had very good food, disappointing wine list and wine service, decor very simple. Visit “Time out Market” and eat their Pasteis de Nata, better than any others and worth eating several. Try and buy some Ginja sem rival, a cherry liqueur. Spend a day in Sintra, amazing and 25 miles from Lisbon. Great city!