Recommendations for champagne for a moulin rouge themed party

Hi, I would appreciate any recommendations for champagne to pour at a moulin rouge themed 60th and 30th birthday party (my wife and son). We will have a champagne lady dispensing champagne from a hoop skirt as guests arrive and a speciality cocktail (based on absinthe, honey, lemon and champagne) mixed by a bartender (as well as the usual sparkling water, wine, juice, etc). foods will principally be a crepes bar and passed appetizers (french cheese puffs, etc).

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced champagne (150 guests, so i assume a couple of cases in the $25-$40/range?) would be appreciated.


I generally find Feuillate, Ployez Jacquemart, and Aubry in that range

If you want multiple cases, the best thing would be to talk to your local wine shop & see what is available in the quantities you are looking for. It will at least give you an idea of where to start.

As a wine geek, if you wanted 2 cases, I’d suggest getting two different cases. If you’re looking for everything to be the same, then the number of bottles you want may dictate your choice for you.

If it does not have to be Champagne then Schramsberg is widely available in most states.

Out of price range, but A. Margaine Brut Rose is lovely and have a windmill in the label. Or it used to anyway.

In that range, Deutz Carte d’or, but if you can get Lanson Black label or Piper Heidsieck on sale, I would go for that. More of a crowd pleaser.

My local Costcos carry many Champagnes in that range. Lanson black, Piper, Jacquart (which I think is awful), Taittinger, probably others. And of course there is ample quantity.

thanks everyone for the recommendations–really appreciate the board’s wisdom.

Given the theme and the crowd, I wouldn’t go with a smaller producer or one that makes more steely wines. In my head, it seems like a Gatsby-esque sort of party, right? Moet will be too obvious, but maybe a bigger house like Henriot could work.

thanks–yes definitely over the top. My son has arranged for an aerialist and engaged a lighting consultant, and we fortunately have a friend who owns a movie prop house who will be supplying a few items. My son likes to plan parties! and my wife explains that she only turns 60 once. i may need to start selling some of my cellar to fund this extravaganza

Don’t forget the Bass, the picture at the bar in the Folies Bergere shows 2 bottles champagne.gif

When I went to the Moulin Rouge in Paris in 2003, admission included a bottle of Ayala (black label). I’ve bought that for $30 recently and it is good.

Mumm Cordon Rouge label looks very old style French- and it has a red stripe. It also makes me think Moulin Rouge.

Sounds like a great theme for a party!

Sounds fun!
Jean Philippe “JP” Moulin has his own label. He used to be the winemaker for Ruinart.
Also, you can save some money and buy Cava or Prosecco and make Moulin Rouge Cocktails. There’s a recipe on the internet.
If you’re simply looking for a nice, inexpensive champagne, let us know what’s available at your local retail stores or Costco, and you can get more specific recommendations.

I think what you want and what the party demands is something more playing to the masses rather than a geeky crowd. There’ve been some great suggestions here, but this entire situation doesn’t feel like one where going even slightly under the radar will work. Just be ostentatious and don’t apologize for it. In reality, how often does one really get the chance to go for all the shit you ever imagined and it’d be fine?

You beat me to the Mumm suggestion. That was my first thought as well.

Well, Perrier-Jouet is the champagne with the period-appropriate art nouveau label.