Recommendation Needed: Balanced Mid Priced Cali Cab


I am having trouble finding some mid priced Cali cabs to sample. I love Guilliams if that helps with style. I am looking for a medium concentrated wine which shows off the best of California.
Any suggestions?
Know there are lots of Cali Cab heads here.
Thanks in advance.

I like Levendi they make very affordable Cabs that drink well young and can age. The Sweetwater Ranch is a recent favorite.

If medium priced is about $45, try Chappellet Signature Cabernet. [thumbs-up.gif]

I’ve pushed just about the entire Houston allocation of this through my store and I’ll keep it case-stacked as long as I can. An absolute steal.

Asides from Ridge Estate Cab…

Sequoia Grove - Napa Valley ($38)
Charles Krug - Yountville ($27)
Smith Madrone - Napa Valley, Spring Mountain District ($45)
White Rock Vineyards - Claret ($38)

Don - I also love Guilliam’s. Scherrer is also a terrific mid priced Cab in a restrained style. I’m a fan of Corison, but that is a slightly higher price point.

What used to be but are now grossly over alcoholic: Mondavi regular, Beringer Knights Valley and BV Rutherford.


On a happier note, the Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains cab has been exactly in this category. Is it now called “Estate” instead?

I agree with the recommendations for Scherrer and Ridge. Dehlinger’s Claret and Cab are also delicious.

Thanks to all for the recommendations.

Frank Family.
Oakville East.
Oakville Ranch.
Karl Lawrence.
Marco Di Guilo.
Jones Sisters.

Mike maybe you pick up the Oakville East for less, but last I knew, their wine started on local retail shelves for $125 or $150 - I forget which.

John - yes

Merrill, a quick check of WS shows:
2004 Oakville East-- $59
2006 Oakville East-- $67
2007 Oakville East-- $69


Haven’t sampled this catagory recently but Forman and Lewelling (entry level bottling) come to mind.

Agree that Scherrer would be a good choice also.


But what about current release price?

If you don’t mind PM me with the price. I am probably interested. I have the 09 Merlot and Monte Bello and must have missed the mailer on this one.

+1 on White Rock Claret (Laureate is great too) and Smith Madrone. Calluna Vineyards in Chalk Hill is making some really great BDX blends in the $30-$40 range. And it may seem passe but I thought the Jordan 07 Cab was really nice, and the 08 is supposed to good as well.

I’d add Trivium to the list…

I was going to suggest the Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Cab, but I wonder if “Ridge Estate” is what they’re now calling it? Either way, good call by Mike.