Recommend wine shop in DC area please

I am helping to plan wine for a friend’s wedding. The wedding location is about 100 miles away in Virginia. We will need a total of 20 cases of wine. Given the quantity, I expect that we will need to arrange to pick up and deliver the wine ourselves. I do know there are several Total Wine shops in nearby Virginia. Are there any other shops you would recommend?


I know they don’t ship or deliver to Virginia but I am assuming that we can carry the wine ourselves into Virginia.

Not sure what VA law is on that. Utah would be no bueno. I suggest not getting pulled over. You will want to check with the venue/caterer as well to make sure they don’t have any issues with it.

Thanks. I might have to buy in VA but I am not a big fan of Total Wine. I prefer to buy locally from independents.

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Give Doug House a call at Chain Bridge Cellars in McLean. He’s got a nice shop with a good selection and can probably assist.




I liked the selection at Weygandt Wines on Connecticut Ave when I lived in the DC area.

For my wedding, we used Ace in DC. One thing it did, and others do as well, is allow you to return opened wine (as long as the bottle are also in good condition - for example, if a bottle was in water/ice and the label was damaged, then they can’t take it back). We had a few bottles leftover and were able to return a good chunk of them. Wasn’t a lot of money, but saving a bit here and bit there can be nice.

Thank you

Ace advertises their ability to help cater, while Weygandt has the best imported selection. My go to shop in DC was Calvert Woodley due to their great selection, recommendations, cheese shop, and delivery! So I would check them out, but Ace might be the best option given their return policy.