Recommend Me an Armagnac?

I’d greatly appreciate any QPR recommendations for a modestly priced Armagnac.


In my neck of the woods, Puysegur is a fantastic value. You can get the regular for about $25, VSOP around $40, XO ~$60, and they have a library of vintages with prices starting ~$65 for '90s and $80-100 for '70s & 80’s.

My second choice is Laubade, with their basic stuff maybe a touch higher than Puysegur, but their higher end and vintage stuff gets pricey fast.

Lots and lots of other great producers out there. Pellehaut is another I’d recommend.

Outstanding – this is what I needed. Thank you Brent.


Another important point to bring up…

Just like Cognac, Armagnac has different villages with varying terroirs and 10 different grape varieties, so styles can vary and you may see Armagnacs with single village designations or single varietal designations. You may want to brush up and read a little background or go out and try a few if you can before making a pick. The first two I mentioned, Puysegur and Labaude, are both on the richer/heavier side of the style spectrum, the Pellehaut is a bit lighter in general.

K&L does a great job with Armagnac, IMHO.

I shouldn’t post this cause I need a back up, but this one is terrific. A nice juicy center with a rich, woody bourbon round finish. 2004 Charron 11 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac (750ml) - SKU 1220802

I appreciate the recommendation Will. Good for you that K&L doesn’t ship to Illinois, so no need to fret about me snagging that bottle.

I really liked the Darroze 20 for a bottle that’s not an exclusive. I’ve had some great ones from k and l but a lot of them are exclusives.

I didn’t like the Darroze 40 because it was too woody for me.

I second the Pellehaut rec but I’m not sure how available they are nationally.


Duffeau Napoleon Armagnac. About $30, my QPR favorite.

Could use a little more body but a very nice sipper with complexity and balance.

Is that from K and L? If so is it the 83 or the 87?


Sorry – looks like the pic was cut off. It is from K&L and it is the 1983. For $99 a steal. So many good ones out there.

K& L is the best source.

My favorite is Domaine de Baraillon, and you may be able to find that locally as well. This is in a big, caramel, butterscotch style. The 10 and 20 are good, but the vintages kick ass. The '82, '84 and '85 are likely long gone, but if you see one pounce. Man were those good brandies.

I truly dislike Puysegur, finding it to have a rancid note (rancio? Perhaps, but not in a way I like). Also dislike Tariquet and most of the widely distributed stuff.

Domaine de Jean-Bon is really good. The '99 was better than the '95, but alas, is sold out.

Marie Duffau is readily available and decent. I see that Dan already suggested it, though I’d get the Hors d’age rather than the Napoleon. The Napoleon is decent too, particularly with Perrier.

‘Tis the season for Armagnac again. My favorite last year was Chateau Briat, haven’t seen any this year but found a new one at K&L

1999 Thierry Darrimajou “Domaine du Berdet” 17 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac.

Both Briat and this one are traditionally made. Quite rich but without being too aggressive. Caramel, spice, and dried plums dominate. Rounded palate and nice finish.
Bought two bottles yesterday so there might be none left so I’ll switch to the 1995 when these are finished.

The Tariquet VSOP and Delord Napoleon and VSOP (and 25 yo) Bas Armagnacs are nice and available at Binnys

Was not happy to see an article about Armagnac in NYT saying that they are getting more popular.
I personally like the rusticity of these brandies, and from what I can tell the ones that are not in the new “barrel proof” style.
According to my son the above mentioned Armagnac is too fruity on the nose and too smooth on the palate. He’d much rather have a barrel proof single malt that with a vigorous aftertaste.

I don’t know what constitutes “new” in terms of Armagnac, but I first discovered the genre about 15 years ago with Domaine de Baraillon’s 1982, which a local wine bar carried. I believe those wines were always around 100 proof. I like a slightly overproof style personally. Can always add a bit of water if needed. Sometimes I find cognac in particular can be too light at 40%.

Not my terminology, it’s what the Brandy and Whisk(e)y expert at K&L told me. Apparently topping off the barrels with water also creates a less reduced product.

Cannot recommend the offerings from K&L enough, these guys are on top of their game when it comes to French brandies. Like Peter I have been swooning over the Darrimajou Armagnacs of late, the 95’ is a rock star. I reluctantly recommend these spirits for someone looking for the next big thing.

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Hee hee, an update…

I now represent Tariquet, which has been in the Armagnac biz since the 17th Century but has mostly recent stuff, lighter in style.

Also Castarede, which has a much deeper cellar of older stocks and some tremendously popular cask strength Armagnacs only available in Europe. If you’d like a tasting appointment at their salon in Paris PM me.

My company Domaine Select represents these brands so I have bias, but unless you’re buying them at a store I recommend in Manhattan I have no direct commercial interest!

Not sure how I missed this the first time around but Corey - if you’re ever back in NYC remind me and I’ll bring an armagnac or two to finish off dinner with.

Brent - ditto so long as it’s not a Sherry dinner. Following Sherry with Armagnac sounds like a really bad idea.

For a modestly priced Armagnac I really like Ravignan, CSW has the 1985 currently which I haven’t tried.