Recent Wines (SHS, Merus, Leroy, Arcadian)

1987 Shafer Hillside - from 750ml. Visually, in no way did this appear to be a 23yr old wine. Still a deep purple with no signs of bricking. On the palate, this is full of mature California fruit. Still very rich, but balanced by cedar, leather, currants and a touch of mint. A pleasure to drink. 93pts

2001 Merus - from a magnum. This is still a RICH, LOADED wine. Still needs time, but a great wine in the making. Full of creamy blackberries, blueberries, milk chocolate and mint. 94pts now with the ability to add more in a few years.

1999 Leroy Pommard Vignots - tart cherries and forest floor. Great structure and acidity, with many years left in the tank. This wine nails my sweet spot, I could sniff and sip this all night. I LOVE Leroy. 95pts.

2005 Arcadian “Sleepy Hollow” Syrah - at under $20, this is a CRAZY qpr. Light on its feet, with deft acidity. Peppery and loaded with dark fruit (blackberries?) Easily my qpr of the year.

2008 Kesner Chardonnay - BIG buttery chardonnay. Apples and some lemon on the palate, but I cant get past the butteriness. Good for its style, but that style isn’t for me.

Hunter - thanks for the note. I had a similar experience with the '01 Merus 750ml a few months ago. I was taken aback, frankly, and how well this seemed to be drinking (balanced and creamy came to mind), but also how good this will probably be years from now. I only wish I had more than just two bottles from a three-pack left.

I love the 05 Arcadian SH syrah Hunter!

My QPR of the year as well!