Recent Wines: Burgs Red & White, Champagne

Recent summer drinking in hot, humid Tokyo (within the last 2 months)

1995 DP Oeno: First couple of bottles were superb, a bit richer and rounder than I normally associate with DP, most recent bottle had a bit of a loose cork and showed more advanced. Nice wine though and glad to have more.

1995 Taittinger Comtes: Showing nicely, just starting to develop some honeyed notes amidst the citrus, long way to go but tasty now.

2004 Dhondt BdB: Astringent green streak at the finish mars an otherwise decent BdB, nothing like the 02 though.

1955 Krug Cuvee Privee: One bottle shot (what a pity), the other really beautiful, great depth, layer after layer of flavors, haunting.

1976 Krug Collection: Still a big, powerful wine, may be lacking just a little finesse, or is it just still young?

1976 Krug: Also a powerful wine but better integrated than the Collection, only odd note was a hint of vanilla bean or something like that in the nose.

1976 Salon: I still prefer Krug, but this is the one vintage of Salon that has shown better than its Krug counterparts over the years. Great, great quasi-mature BdB (I still think it shows young in many respects, e.g., more citrus notes than honey at least for me).

1995 Churchill: Good, has presence and power, better now than the 96 Churchill, can’t really say where they’ll end up though.

2001 Villaine Les Clous: Just gets better and better, beautiful balance, cleansing acidity, getting more mineral notes as it loses a bit of its youthful fruit.

2001 Leflaive Chevalier: Three different bottles, two magnificent, one meh (would guess it saw a little heat somewhere in the chain). At best a fast moving stream of minerally, citrusy goodness cascading over rocks, very young but still a pleasure (and an honor) to drink.

1997 Raveneau Valmur: Rises above the vintage, beautiful wine showing best after 2.5 hours in the glass. Give it time if you have it.

1996 Raveneau Valmur: An infant, 3 hours in the decanter and it was still taut and muscular. I like acid but this one needs time.

2004 Roulot Bourgogne Blanc: Seems to have lost a little off its fastball, or perhaps it’s in a dumb phase. A wine I love and have in quantity but this one wasn’t that good.

2001 Leflaive Pucelles: Surprisingly rich and just a little blousy, lacks focus.

2004 Bouchard CC: Just checking in, still young, still great.

1989 Chevillion Cailles: Beauty in a glass. Really love Chevillion. At this point, slightly dainty (for NSG anyway), red fruit, iron, great length but pretty weightless.

1993 Chevillion Cailles: This might be better than the 1989 now and will surpass it in another 10 years. Wow.

2002 Chevillion NSG VV: Still pretty primary, a little sappy perhaps but very tasty.

1993 Ponsot Griottes: Not corked but off somehow. Acidity seemed raw.

1996 Engel Brulees: Acidity sticks out a bit and seems to out-pace the fruit, good food wine though.

2002 Mugnier Fuees: Young, sweet, sappy. Will throw the rest in the back of cellar and hope but it’s not doing much for me at this point in time.

2001 La Tache: This one was served blind and about 3 of us simultaneously said “wow”. Yes, it’s young and a bit of a waste to drink now, but it showed well enough for me to source a few more bottles for my dotage.

Have forgotten some, I’m sure, but that’s enough for now.

Steve, you are drinking well. I need to come visit again!

David [drinkers.gif]


Great report a terrific array of wines. 76 Salon is my wine of the vintage. I like the Krug too, but the Salon has always seemed to play at a different level. Agree on the 04 Dhondt - it isn’t the blockbuster the 02 was. I really like the 95 Churchill too - my wine of the vintage to date. Shame you had one bad 55 Krug, but going 1 for 2 with a 50+ year old Champagne isn’t too bad.

Thanks for the really interesting set of notes.