Reccos for Itinerary that Includes Berlin

My wife and I want to go to Berlin in September and we have about three weeks for the entire trip. I would appreciate recommendations on other places to go during the trip that make logistical sense (and not necessarily the “usual,” like going to Paris). Ideally we would like to fly in and out of Berlin, but it’s not a requirement. We have already been to Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, Madrid, Southern Spain, Lisbon, Lyon, Bordeaux, various in Switzerland, London and Paris. For reasons that I don’t understand, my wife doesn’t want to go to Amsterdam or Brugge. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like Scandinavia is next.

You could do a nice nonstop RT to Marrakech in the middle of your stay in Berlin. (I have done this frequently from Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, etc.) Stay at the La Mamounia. You would never have to leave Marrakech (or La Mamounia) to have an extraordinary experience, but Essouira on the Atlantic and the Anti-Atlas mountains are both easy 1/2 day or day trips, or of course camel-riding for an hour, all easily put together by the La Mamounia.

Definitely consider travel within Germany. Leipzig is a 2-hour train ride away from Berlin with massive amounts of classical music history to read about and explore. Hamburg is a longer train ride but worth a day or two, really feels more like a Scandinavian city. The usual suspects (Munchen, Frankfurt, etc) are all available for a quick flight or slightly longer train trip. Since this is WB you might consider renting a car and taking in wine country too, including going as far as France.

I like to go london, normandy, paris and through the ardennes but you can also go moscow, minsk and warsaw, as you prefer.

I would advise you to focus on Germany. Dresden, Munich, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Leipzig etc. So much to see in Germany. If you need more you could definitely add Salzburg and the French countryside in that region.

Thanks to all that responded. We are leaning toward an all Germany trip.