Ray Walker being interviewed on Grape Radio - Questions Needed!

Ray has agreed to do an interview this Saturday on GrapeRadio. No topics are off limits. Feel free to post yor serious questions and we will take the best of them and ask Ray your question. Cutoff is Friday.

I’m going to move this to a new thread - it deserves to be seen, and many won’t look at this as they are so fed up with the MI debacle


Ask Ray if he thinks he has all his logistical issues/labeling issues worked out. I was one of his first purchasers, enjoyed the 2009’s.
Are his wines now distributed through Wilson Daniels as disclosed some time ago?


Ask him why the discrepancy in the corks - label says one thing, cork says another?

I want to ask if his role in as winemaker is the same for all wines caring his label.

Give me a few examples.


Does he wish he had been a bit less brazen in his self promotion before really getting his feet under him in Burgundy?

Has he changed how he makes wine during the years he has been making wine.
Are there any wines he has made that he is particularly proud of? Are there any wines he has made where he wishes he had done something differently - if so, what?
Does he have any plans to purchase any vineyards?
Is he going to make any white wines?

Does he have any interest in running for POTUS?

When are those Riserva Baroli coming out?

Which was harder to learn, French or Italian?

Does Bourdain really smell like marijuana and desperation?

Bowels in or bowels out?

Funny, all, but this is a rare opportunity to address your displeasure at the 2011 and 2012 vintages - finally get some answers that he might actually be forced to give.

Is Klapp moderating?

I’d pay good money.

Did he sell more wine than he actually produced?

What happened to wines that were never delivered (I think there were some mags ordered but never delivered)?

Why hasn’t he followed through with his claims to sue some people? (Landreth, me, etc…)

There still seems to be issues with deliveries, excessive costs, etc… Has he done anything to fix these issues? If so then what?

Does he think the posting of “race” cars and a brand new Porsche Cayenne Turbo “wine delivery vehicle” hurts (or helps) his image?

Thread prediction: zero to fifty pages in record time.

Will he and Suzanne ever kiss and make up?

Seriously, how about:

If you had to compare the flavor profile of your wines to that of another producer, who do you think comes closest?

Does he regret having embarked on this road in the first place?

If he had to give some advice to someone interested in following the path he started on, what would be say to them?

How do Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton stay famous?

Seriously, giving this guy a radio spot?

I guess notoriety has its rewards.

The Kardashian of Burgundy huh? [welldone.gif]