Raw, but you would consider "rare" steak

Tonight I got home late. Was exhausted and hungry but had ribeye defrosted so I cooked it. Sat down, cut into it, turns out I undercooked it by a lot. Too tired and hungry to get up and cook it more.

I learned that the texture of raw steak is better than medium well. However, how do you EVER get past the blood that runs around on the plate??? I was trying to sop it up with napkins so it didn’t touch my vegetables.

I could get used to the taste and texture, but the visual of the blood juice sloshing around is unacceptable and nearly made me sick to my stomach. [insert vomit emoticon]

Talk amongst yourselves.

You sop it up with BREAD silly…MmmmMmmmmGood!

EEEEUUUUUUU, that thing is still mooing…

Carrie - I’m not alone?! Duck for cover. We are a minority of two around here.

THIS thing is still swimming but no one bats an eye about it:

Pink is one thing but I can’t take raw food and I don’t want my veggies havin’ a blood bath [foilhat.gif]

FISH EITHER, ROBERTO… Do you eat your chicken like that too . Yuckeeeee

You don’t eat Sushi??? You may be in danger of being expelled from California…

Na-uh ! It’s raw isn’t it?

Medium rare please. It at least has to be warm and not flopping around like a fish outta water.

And what about one of my faves, blutwurst (blood sausage):

Oh good lord, now you’re really pushing me over the edge ! Let’s go back to the
raw meat ! It at least looks semi-edible.

You guys realize you are eating muscle, right? No matter how you cook it, it is the same thing. Muscle. Tissue. Blood running thought it. Blood vessels. Arteries. No matter how you cook it, it’s the same basic material It just tastes a hell of a lot better if you don’t cook all of the moisture out of it. You know, the blood? The blood running through the muscles?

If you haven’t tried some traditional German / Austrian blutwurst dishes, you have no IDEA what you are missing. And, Linda is right!

Would you feel better about the blutwurst if I called it Black Pudding like the Brits do (it is a traditional part of the “Full Monty” breakfast there), Boudin Noir like the French or Morcilla like the Spaniards (I always get a double helping at the Goucho Grill)?

Seriously, it is one of the most delicious and nutritious things you can put in your mouth:

Blood sausage - Wikipedia" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

There you go, Cheryl!

I love rare beef, but I don’t love a bloody plate. Allowing the meet to rest for a bit before cutting into it helps. Also, I prefer to cut the meat on a board, and put slices on to my plate. That also minimizes the carnage.

I’m glad you liked the texture, though! Have you ever tried making a pan sauce? I find that if I drizzle a sauce on to meat, I can enjoy it almost raw and not mind the appearance.

[swoon.gif] [highfive.gif] You are NOW ready for Bern’s [dance2.gif]

Cook it SLIGHTLY more, but not much more. Let it rest on the plate, maybe 5 minutes so the juices can get back into the steak a bit. If you are really worried about “contaminating your veggies”, cut on a cutting board and transfer the meat to the plate already cut.

Like Roberto said, save the blood and make some awesome Morcilla

That’s overcooked in my book. [diablo.gif]

Remind me never to make Kibbeh Nayeh for you people, it’s raw ground lamb with herbs, spices and bulgur wheat. Absolutely amazing, my Lebanese aunt used to make it until the day she died, bless her soul. I can still see her kneading the meat with her arthritis-gnarled hands, but she was dedicated to making it right.

What are these “vegetables” of which you speak???