Rascal PINOT NOIR added $ 80 Case !!! EXTENDED

I’ve gotten several folks that missed the deadline yesterday, sometimes work just gets in the way, darn it.
We will honor this until Feb 5th, pm me with either an email or cell. We aren’t always in the office so a phone call isn’t the best option. You can also mix and match a case between the 3 offerings. Nice chatting with all that called.

The Great Oregon Wine Co is pleased to offer a couple of options that will not break the bank, and protect your lovelies !
In keeping with our KISS theory, will keep it easy.

ADDED - Rascal NV Pinot Noir, Oregon Appellation. Food friendly, great for a group, Tuesday night or a second bottle. Yes, the price is correct $ 80.00 CASE. While there is no vintage on the label ( which is just easier for us ) this is 2013 fruit.

RASCAL ( the abomination ), miss you Bob !

2013 Pinot Gris, Off-Dry with great aromatics, flavors balanced against a lively acidity with just a touch of sweetness. Oregon/Washington Fruit - “Pacific NW Born and Bred”. $ 80.00 per case

2014 Willamette Valley Riesling, I believe the RS is about 2%, so not overly sweet, but a crowd pleaser. Typical Riesling flavor profile, again balanced against a nice acidic backbone. Sure to please new drinkers and old, a great addition to any event where the question always is “What to serve when the audience are not wine Geeks?”. $ 60.00 per case

The first 5 cases sold go into the Berserker Coffers - Thank you Todd !

Phone calls only today, between 10-5. 503-434-9025

Many of you remember a few years back the ‘abomination’ BerserkerDay - oh, what fun that was! If someone wants to dig it out, I think it’s in a subforum here, from BerserkerDay III perhaps?

Anyway, these offers speak for themselves. Find ‘space’ in your cellar and spring the whopping $60-80 for a CASE of daily drinkers, in memory of Bob, or just because she is one of two Lindsays with an offer at this time, and both love dogs!

Any estimates to ship a case to the East Coast?



We are estimating ground at about $ 40.00 shipping

John Cabot, get in on this Riesling, bro!

OK… Im in for two cases of Riesling. I cook a ton of Thai food and never have enough Riesling on hand for friends and neighbors. This is a no brainer. BTW, I drank both the 07 and the 09 Rascal Pinots last week and they are both showing really well. Cheers Lindsay!

You still have some '07 Rascal Pinot?? Amazing.

What is the shipping to NorCal for a case?

Looks like about $ 25.00 to the bay area, all in

WOW, added the Pinot!!!

Don’t forget the “shitty” wines made from 2007 !! Guess I really am missing Woodie today

These Pinots are a RIDICULOUS QPR, seriously, and they can even age a bit, like John’s '07’s that are still going strong

Hard to pass up. In for a case of each, and looking forward to trying them!

In for a case of the Rascal, just ordered it from Peter.

I’m sure it will be very shitty in memory of Bob!

In for a case of the Rascal and the Riesling. Awesome price even with the shipping.

Folks, the price is STUPID. John Cabot and I were trying to figure out how Linda can make any money on these, and we gave up. Seriously - are they in recycled Pepsi bottles or something?

When was the Pinot added? Damn, should have checked back in. Wanted the Riesling but not a case. Would have loved a 1/2 & 1/2 PN Riesling.

Ping her, Brian - I bet she’d do it