Random wine text/photo (Spam?)

I receive my fair share of spam/phishing texts. But received just this photo last evening from unknown sender without verbiage or link from a 424 area code number.
Could be errant text as similar area code as mine (412).
Anyone else receive texts like this from unknown sender? Tempted to respond (Open the Margaux instead) but never do to unknown senders.
That said peculiar set up for storage (inclined) unless perfect humidity/temp control.

This is what you should text back.

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MIL got the exact same one.

told her to respond “lol drc or gtfo”

Two different friends in Wisconsin got a similar text, from a 405 area code. Can’t wait to find out what the scam is.

Some posts about it on Reddit:

I got the same exact pic via text 2 weeks ago. Just the pic, nothing else.
I thought it was from a friend with whom I’d just been talking Petrus and I knew was on a vacation in Naples, FL. Figured they found it in a local wine shop and had to share.
Texted them (my friends not the unidentified #) and soon realized it wasn’t them… No idea where it came from.

Sounds like someone may have hacked a database that includes big wine spenders’ names and phone numbers. I wonder if these are going to any beer drinkers.

I haven’t received one but, then, I’m not buying Petrus, Margaux or Opus One.

Twilio had two large breaches, that would be a good place to start