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****Hello Berserkers!
Happy New Year and thank you for opening my thread!

I am a new nano-winery, producing less than 350 cases a year and have only been around since 2012. This is very much a labor of love, as I love to drink wine and share it with my friends. BerserkerDay gives me that chance. I buy grapes from wonderful vineyards in Washington and Oregon, then employ a minimal-intervention philosophy to make the best wines I can. Here in Oregon I am fortunate to be surrounded by extremely talented winegrowers and winemakers who’ve helped me get access to unique sites.

This year I decided to offer several options for Berserkers interested in my wines. Both will ship for free to the lower 48, via FedEx or other common carrier. If you live in a state like Pennsylvania, please email me berserkers@randomwinecompany.com and we can make other arrangements.
RWC Lineup 1.JPG
****Pack 1:
This is a six pack of every wine I’ve made, to date. I am excited to offer it because I believe it gives insight into my winemaking philosophy, as well as showcases some of the great terroirs we have here in the Northwest.
The contents:
1 x 2012 Elerding Vyd Horse Heaven Hills Petit Verdot
1 x 2012 Elerding Vyd Horse Heaven Hills Tempranillo
1 x 2013 Rattlesnake Road Vyd Columbia Valley Cabernet Franc
2 x 2013 Willamette Valley Gamay Noir Rosé Eola-Amity Hills
1 x 2013 Willard Farms/Thistle Vineyard Washington/Oregon Pinot Noir/Gamay Noir

Price $105 Shipped to you!

****Pack 2:
A more focused pack, this is geared towards those of you who really love high acid wines. In it, two bottles each of my 2013 red and rose wines. These are, for me, quintessential food wines. There are four distinct terroirs at work and they offer fun, honest expressions of the 2013 vintage across two states. Each wine is high in acid, with alcohol no higher than 12.9, and none of the wines saw new oak.
The contents:
2 x 2013 Willamette Valley Gamay Noir Rosé Eola-Amity Hills
2 x 2013 Rattlesnake Road Vyd Cabernet Franc
2 x 2013 Willard Farms/Thistle Vineyard Washington/Oregon Pinot Noir/Gamay Noir

Price $95 Shipped to you!
****To Order:
Option 1: Visit my website at http://randomwinecompany.com/beserker-special-2015/ and select either BerserkerDay Pack 1 or 2, then follow the checkout process. You’ll get a payment confirmation notice from Paypal.

Option 2: If you’d rather send a check, please let me know and I will provide instructions on where to send it. You can email me beau@randomwinecompany.com or call me at 858 349 9593. If I don’t answer, it’s because I’m working my day job but rest assured I will call back!

The wines will all ship when it’s safe to do so, California and the South will probably receive their wines first while the Midwest and East Coast will ship in March/April. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please note them when you checkout via Paypal or email me.

Order In!

Thank you Todd!

Order in here as well.

You run out of inventory yet, Beau?

Not yet but the petit verdot is getting low! Less than 8 cases left on that.

Thanks Mike!


Enjoy all your posts looking forward to trying the wine!!! Order in…



Cheers, Seth and thank you for the support! I believe you’re my first-ever Florida order!

Order in!

Cool, thanks Brian!

Order in. Looking forward to it.

Got your PM, Paul. I noted the correct address so you’re all set. Thanks for taking a chance on my wines! :slight_smile:

Glad to see I’m not “Taking a chance” :wink:

You’re on the West Coast, much closer, so of course you are going to be getting amazing, high-value, hand made wines! neener

I was in on this earlier today (6 Pack No. 1). Looking forward to it.

You were order #1, and caused me a moment of panic because I forgot about the Early Purchase day!

Buy Beau’s wines, as he seems to be recycling every penny right back at buying OTHERS’ BerserkerDay offers!!! That’s a charity I can support!

Plus all purchases go towards funding another contribution to this AWESOME community and website, as well as labels, bottles, corks, and…more grapes!

I’m in for Pack 1, thanks Beau!
EDIT to add that I also think the labels are pretty sweet, especially the Cab Franc.