RAEN wine

Any thoughts on RAEN’s wines? Was thinking about just joining their entry level allocation to give it a try. Generally I don’t love California Pinot but from what I’ve read it seems more old world style which is what I prefer.

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Are there wines available at retail? Can you source a single bottle without joining an allocation?

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I’d second this thought. The Royal Cuvée pops up on WineBid for below issuance price.

In my experience, I’ve enjoyed them quite a lot, and they’re to me at the upper end of Sonoma Coast quality. They’re also really expensive, and for me they’re not worth the premium over other Sonoma Coast pinots that I enjoy, but that’s just me.


I’ve tasted the RAEN line up a few times and thought they were well made wines. Definitely new world Pinot but in a balanced style typical of the better West Sonoma wineries. But I too was put off by the prices. Give me Littorai, Rivers-Marie or Occidental any time.

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not from what I can find. Was just considering joining their allocation list at the entry level, which is 2 of each of their wines (6 total). If I don’t love it I’ll just cancel

any other recs for Sonoma Coast pinot for similar quality but better price point?

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You can grab a bottle here: https://encinitas.meritagewinemarket.com/wines/Raen-Sea-Field-2020-w17811833n

Agree with others that the wine is well made but not worth the price point IMHO.

Huh? I look on Wine-Searcher and the wines are available at retail all over.

I like them quite a bit. I was able to get a couple bottles of the 2019 Royal St. Robert from Garagiste last year. I opened the first one back in December and really liked it – enough that I pulled the trigger on the entry level allocation.

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you’re right, not sure what I was searching yesterday…

might still just get the 6 from the winery to try the whole lineup

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Retail? My Costco had the Royal St. George there’s some notes on these in the Costco thread.
They are nicely made and were a bargain, don’t quite me but I think around $39.00 or so?

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There is a consistent pattern here that people who are into CA wines think the wines are much more difficult to obtain than they are.


Hirsch Vineyards, Peay, Flowers, Siduri all immediately come to mind. Red Car Freeman are right on the edge of SC.

Wayfarer’s WF2 bottling is a great wine for the price. While the rest of the lineup is in the similar price range as RAEN, I’ve loved all of their wines. Same with Littorai and Occidental.

Although plenty of wineries outside of SC include SC bottlings in their lineup, and admittedly being a fanboy for Scherrer, I think Scherrer’s SC pinot is top-notch. Rivers-Marie’s SC pinots are also delicious.


I just think it’s kinda strange to go in for 6 bottles of a wine that you’ve not tried yourself or have comparisons to other wines that you like. ‘Good’ or ‘Best Value’ or ‘You’ll like it’ don’t really hold up to your own personal experiences . . .


To each their own. I live nowhere near CA (east coast) so if I’m going to pay for shipping, it doesnt make sense for me to buy 1-2 bottles. If it’s well made wine and comes with good recommendations from palates I trust, sure why not give it a go. I doubt I’m going to hate it


I hear ya….

I personally have not been impressed by RAEN in Sonoma Coast lineups.

Not a fan of royal st Robert, but sea field and bodega are tasty.


I’ve been a member for several years and have enjoyed the wines. Sonoma Coast style with less alcohol than typical RRV PN. I’m also a fan of Cobb and Bohéme.