Quivet Email Lands

Quivet email for 2008 Las Madres (Carneros) Syrah is out. $38/bottle and free shipping on any order. Who’s in?

I was allocated 6 and went for 4.


I ordered my 6 and asked for 4 more.

I totally support Mike and Leah Smith whom I am now fortunate to consider as freinds. Not a huge CA Syrah guy, but I am in for them.

Took my 6.

My restraint: I didn’t wishlist more. Baby steps…


Mike & Leah Smith are the nicest people ever. If you can pick up your wines from them in person, I’d highly suggest it.

Mike and Leah invited us to taste at their home last August. We sat on the back porch and went through the whole Myriad/Quivet/12C line.

We already have a dinner date with them on our next trip.
Fantastic folks!!!

Can someone tell me more about the wine? I was offered a few bottles through a friend on their list. I’ve never heard of this winery.

No reviews from Parker or Tanzer. Not too much interesting on CT.

I think Mike worked as TRB’s assistant at Outpost.
He primarily makes Cab and Syrah.
IMHO, he may be the next big thing in Cali wine (along with Jeff Ames).

Do his wines have too much flavor? [wink.gif]

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Do his wines have too much flavor? [wink.gif][/quote

Outside and inside the box worth of flavor. flirtysmile [welldone.gif] [thumbs-up.gif]

We had the '07 a few weeks ago and it was outstanding. And for the price, this is a must-buy for those of us who like the style. I hope Bud gets those wishlisted bottles because a few have my name on them! [worship.gif]

I’m in for 6. The myriad Syrah should be released this month as well!

This is a tough one for me. I have only tasted the '06 and just one of mine at that ( has anyone actually tasted the '08’s) also didn’t I just receive my '07’s in November?

I’ll probably bite for a few since it seems free shipping is valid through April, but really didn’t we just get offered the '07’s last Fall?

In for three, only because I still have six '07 sitting in the cellar (along with six '07 Myriad Las Madres Syrahs and a few '06’s as well). We’re also a huge fan of Mike Smith.

Ken V - I’ll bring one of each of the above to Berserkerfest so you can try it (at least the '07).

Passed on the Syrah, but could not help myself and picked up 6 of the C12 Cabernet, love Mike’s Cabs.

The 2008 Quivet Las Madres Syrah is a great wine! Really enjoyed it the last time I had one. Think Mike Smith is a talented wine maker and also a very nice guy. The owner of Las Madres Vineyard, John Painter is equally nice and generous if you ever get the chance to meet him. He shared some library wines from his vineyard with us recently, among them Quivet, Myriad, VIE and Nicholson Ranch that was quite a treat . . .

I had the chance to visit with Mike Smith this past weekend, and tried the Quivet and Myraid syrahs - they were all fantastic, the Quivet seemed to have a bit more strcuture and tension that I liked, and Mike poured a Myriad whole cluster syrah that was really interesting - pure and elegant with an almost pinot-like texture. I don’t buy a lot of syrah, but am definitely picking up some of these.