Quilceda Vertical 1990-2013ish in Dallas, TX

Looking for feedback on organizing a Quilceda Creek vertical. All wines would be from my cellar and virtually all cellared since release as I have been on the list since 1996.

Location — Dallas
Timing — a weekend in January/February 2024
Venue — probably, a restaurant or wine club
Wines would include the 1992 & 1989 reserves (no longer made) and every vintage after 1994 until we run out of steam or get somewhere around 2013.


  1. Would you come?
  2. Would you travel to come?
  3. A bottle has approximately 12 2oz pours or 17 1.5 oz pours. I could provide at least 2 bottles of every wine since 1994. So, I’d say max headcount is 34 people.
  4. Any thoughts on specific weekends to avoid?

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Howard Marc Spector

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I’d be interested since I’m local. Can’t comment on schedule other than 1/31 is my birthday and 2/2 is my wife’s birthday so I’m definitely out those two dates.

My only other comment is I’m betting this would be a real palate killer. That’s a bunch of big wine.

I will agree on this from experience. Our off-site wine group did a 23-year vertical 5 or so years ago and it was awesome. Sadly, everyone said the second half was not good due to severe palette fatigue. I will get some more details on the tasting, but I would encourage you to make this a 2-night event to do the wines justice. As Joe states, these are big wines, and the back half will leave you wanting.
That said, I would be very interested to attend if it’s a 2-night event with my wife and another Berserker couple. Cheers.

I am local too but we leave on 12 January for six months. If early in January count us in.

I defer to your judgment. 2 nights will be the goal.

Here is a short video of our 1992-2014 tasting. My friend is looking for the booklet we put together for this event.

I’m local as well, so would be interested in attending. Happy to help however needed.

Local and interested! Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Semi-local being in Fort Worth. Interested. Don’t have much QC, but I’ve got an ‘08 I can bring, or plenty of bubbly options.

We’d come but would depend on if it conflicted with hockey schedule :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m in, love the idea!

I would love to join! Getting a firm date soon would help me make it work. Hope this pans out!


Have business and family in Dallas and would absolutely travel to be there. This sounds like a fantastic event. Do not have any older vintage QC anymore but happy to contribute some suitable alternatives (Bordeaux, Napa Cab) for comparison sake.

I am local and interested. Don’t have any QC to contribute but happy to bring something complementary.

Im no longer local, but would definitely travel for this.

Ok, everyone, could you please send me an email at hms7@cornell.edu so we can look at some weekends that might work for most or all of the people?

Thank you,
Howard Marc Spector

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Hi there this sounds great and i be interested and can pretty much make any date. Can bring a white or anything else if needed

I am local and interested. Happy to contribute something similar to QC.

Did this offsite take place, or get planned? Would love to participate if availability still exists. I am just starting on my Quilceda journey but have a 2009 I could bring to the party.