Quilceda Creek 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley

My 2007 offering is yours for the taking. You can log in using my credentials and pay with your card. Order date is 01/04/10.

Just let me know.

Spoken for.

I don’t get it… why not just call them and ask to be removed from the list so that someone on the wait list can get their own allocation?

This will be my last hurrah, so to speak. After this offering, I am going to drop off. Just thought it would be good karma to spread the wealth here.

So, you’re a giver?

Karma is always a good thing. However, I’d bet that whoever takes your place is probably already lurking around on here. [berserker.gif]

Since you’re such a giver, how about if I log in using my credentials, but pay with your card?


i’m a giver too.

my allocation is up for grabs. same deal. i’ll give you my login info.

and no, you can not use my card :slight_smile:

+1 (but it appears that we’ve got more giving theirs up than buying, lol)

I am passing and someone else will get on the list. My allocation has been 24 bottles forever it seems.

i’m interested in picking some up if anyone still has an allocation available. If so PM me details… [thankyou.gif]