Quick wine list advice

Going to dinner in a few hours. I can’t find a bargain on this list. Can you? PS No corkage


I wouldn’t kick the Iron Horse out of bed. and it’s less than 2x retail.

I overlooked that. Thanks. Any others?

Looks like the wrong venue for bargains. Good luck! [truce.gif]

Agree that no real bargains there, but there are a few Cru Beaujolais that, while not premium, won’t break the bank and should be flexible with whatever everybody’s eating.

My first inclination would be to go somewhere else, but if I really liked the place, then I’d opt for the Beaujolais as well.

I’d go for the Korbin Kameron Petite Verdot. I haven’t had it, but like their Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cuvée Kristin a lot and the PV’s wine club price appears to be $48, so the markup isn’t insane, which is more than I can say for most of the list.

If you are on the expense account, who doesn’t like $90 rose’? Terrebrune Bandol for me.

I agree that the Iron Horse is the relative value on the list.

That’s a rough list.

I like the look of that 2011 Martinelli. If you like Zin, you would definitely get a kick out of that!

Not sure what price range you’re looking for, and obvious the markups are all high. The wines I’d probably be most likely to select, all things considered, are:

Tablas Creek 2011 Paso Robles $99
Tempier Bandol 2011 $105
Vall Llach 2008 “Embruix” Priorat, Spain $87

I’m a huge fan of the Tablas Creek Tannat, and the markup isn’t quite as crazy for that one. Though it’s a red meat type wine, so it may depend on what you’re ordering.

Does the wine steward have a gun ?

Write Tom Hill about the Qupe Marsanne

But those prices offend me a little, I’d bring a bottle

Ouch. Tough list. BYOB if possible.

No BYOB according to OP. What about the 2009Ch Musar for $93? A bit young but I’d bite.

Edit: average CT price is $28, so maybe not…

If there were three that I would just accept that are slightly over 100% retail & just order they would be the 375 of Sinskey Pinot Blanc, the Qupe Marsanne & the Forlorn Hope Que Saudade. I’d look at the Domaine de la Cote, but would end up not ordering it for $100+

We ended up going with the Rosso Conero San Lorenzo 2008 “La Gattara” Marche. We were told the restaurant buys essentially all of it produced and it is not available in the US otherwise. A quick post dinner google seems to confirm there isn’t much out there about it.

It was actually a nice little bottle of wine, and while I am sure it was overpriced it ended up being a neat journey with a producer/region I new nothing about.