Question on Haywood Estate Zin Chamizal Vineyard

I ran across the 2002 yesterday for a very good price. Couldn’t find any info whatsoever on da internetz. Can anyone offer forth any reviews, thoughts, anecdotes, dissertations?


Sorry but I have no idea. I know Domaine Alfred produced a pretty good Pinot from the Chamisal Vyd but beyond that…

Oops. Typo on my part. The vineyard in question is actually ChamiZal. Apparently renamed “Nine Block” with the 07 vintage.

Yup…followed this wnry & vnyd from the very start. When PeterHaywood owned the label and was making wine from his LasChamizalVnyd,
they were actually quite good. But he sold the wnry/label/maybe the vnyd to some biggie and I think the wines have gone downhill.
I recently bought the '06 threesome…LasChamizal and MorningSun/LasChmizal and RockyTerrace/LasChamizal; the first $30
and the latter two $40. I’ve only had the first one and was pretty underwhelmed by it…pretty hard/tannic and not enough fruit to
warrent aging I felt.
A wnry whose best days are behind it, I think.

Thanks for the info Tom. Found the 02 marked at $9.99…figured it was worth a shot.