Question on Eurocave Placement

I’m getting ready to purchase a Artevnio III and I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to put it. I have two options and neither of them are ideal. I’d use offsite storage if it was available, but Alaska doesn’t have any.

  1. My basement. We have a large enough basement to put it there without it being in the way, but we also have cats and their primary litter box is about fifteen feet away from where it could go. I’m really hesitant to put it here.

  2. Guest room closet. I have enough space to knock out some of our built ins and put the fridge here (barely, it’ll be a tight fit). I’m concerned with lack of airflow around the fans if it’s crammed into a closet. Thankfully the closet itself doesn’t have any doors, my wife prefers to use curtains for enclosures. I’m also concerned with the ambient noise level for when we have guests / when my wife works at her office desk in the guest room.

I’d appreciate any input anyone has for this.

Ambient noise is super low. Basement placement poses flood exposure, and is not convenient.

Is there a minimal clearance around the Eurocave that is needed? I’m sure a manual will clarify that. I would be hesitant to block it in a closet with no air flow.

We’re not really at risk for flooding. The basement is dry. I considered the convenience part, but overall this will be solely used for long term cellaring and I have a small wine fridge in my dining area. My only real concern with the basement placement is the proximity to the litter box and possible contamination. We use automatic crystal litter boxes so they’re constantly scooped, but this box does go about a week between litter changes.

The minimal clearance listed is 7cm, I just wasn’t sure if it could pose an issue both being that close to the wall and also within a closet (it should have about a foot to each side that’s clear as well as top clearance, but it’s still constricted when compared to an open room).

Cant move the liter box to different room or area in the house?

Honestly, I’d call/email them and ask them. I’m sure their CS would have something for you to work with in the decision

This is the one they use the most often and if we move it from that general area we risk my son’s cat peeing anyway. I’ve never had a cat that is this finicky, but when we redid our basement floors and moved it for a few days we had a couple of problems.

Thanks, I just sent them a message about the closet placement (if it’s possible to install here without issues I’m leaning towards this location as I don’t have to take the risk of any contamination).

Any time. I worked construction in my younger years through college,. When we were kinda uncertain with something about a product, the first branch was the company to see what was and was not possible (and per their warranty). most of those folks are pretty educated on that and they usually see/hear it all from a broad canvas. I just did the same thing for my father in-law regarding a plumbing fixture and got a definitive answer pretty quick.

I hope they get back to you quickly or are able to give you a call.

Best of luck

I’d use the basement unless worried about flooding. Smell from the litter box will not affect the wines, though it might make bottle retrieval unpleasant. (Or store only Sauvignon Blanc down there.)

I’m not sure of the issue with the litter box and wine storage. If it is odors then you have nothing to be worried about wine wise. A basement is an ideal place as there is ample space, wine coolers are not generally pretty things, and it is cooler down there so the work the wine cooler will have to do is less. This seems like an easy choice so maybe I am missing something.


I agree, I would also put these in the basement. However, I’d argue that it’s more about the total weight of a full (large) Eurocave. I believe the manual does state that a minimum of 6 inches is needed for clearance & air flow behind the unit. I keep the three large units I own in my bedroom, they do not disturb sleep in any way. I have however, lost about 15% of the room to the space required to keep them there.


Did you have to run separate electric circuits to put them all in the same room?

Lonnie, Right now I have a mini split system in a 10x15 room which runs off 220V. I have had (300+ bottle) wine fridges not on a dedicated circuits and have not had issues. But those were pretty always on low use circuits. So I guess it depends. If I had two on one circuit I’d expect to be triggering breakers occasionally. Others will have better info as I am thinking one needs to budget 5-10amps for startup power per fridge or something like that. Think a circuit is generally 15-20 amps.

There normally isn’t any odor, but yes that’s my only concern with the basement. We have ample space on our circuits, plenty of room, almost no risk of flooding, etc. But if there’s a chance it can get contaminated I’d rather not risk it.

Odor is not an issue. Maybe if you were dry aging beef in a spare fridge, but wine is sealed.

I going to assume that this question was for me and the three Eurocaves I have in my bedroom. I don’t have separate electric circuits to run them. But we also do not plug in much more than a clock radio, the SoClean, & the C-Pap. I have them plugged into power surge strip in case there is a brownout.

I heard back from Eurocave today. They didn’t give specific guidelines on the space, but said it just needs to be a few inches from the wall. They also said placement in the same room as a litter box isn’t an issue.

Rather than remove the built ins from my closet, I’m going to go ahead and put it in the corner of my basement that doesn’t have baseboards running near it.